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Monday, March 06, 2017

Jacked to the max!! ....Like most of you, I make health and fitness Top Priority!... Sparks provides us with the best of tools, resources, and a community of support .... so what can we add to that .... . Who does not want the best life has to offer? I have found that having a tangible vision to those goals gives an additional boost and flood of endorphins!

In a recent blog I mentioned visiting both brothers and my SIL's IN San Diego. Though a family tragedy brought us together, the electricity was combustible as we met once more. My Brother's and I were close growing up and my younger brother, one year younger was my also my closest friend' that I could confide in with my deepest secrets. ...... Happily, when he married after coming home from Viet Nam, his wife and I became the best of friends for life! .... Both my SIL's and I once drove to San Francisco, where we glammed to the 'max' in our hot pants .... and high lace up boots!! .... We shopped and tromped all over the city making wonderful memories!

Loved those hot pants (had some purple and orange like picture on the right) ... Such fun times!

What a Vision will Do ...
Home after a week was good but I did not want the "exhilarating' feeling to fade...... so we are planning to meet again this summer!! I called my one SIL ... and as always we are instantly laughing and carrying on! . I hung up so energized .... Just like Dorothy when she clicked her heels and magic happened!.... The anticipation of seeing them again soon sent me over the top!

So how does this tie into sparks? ..... I hung up and got 45 min of exciting "activity" in .... picturing how we used to jog together years ago ........ Off I went for a brisk walk and then revived some jogging ........ it felt good ...... and to see I STILL CAN jog ... even run! Wow!! .....
Having a vision of something that is happy to come .......lifts the senses and takes us to a higher level that the have to attitude : "i know I should so I will ........ obligation to ..... finding the true joy again!!

With this energy, I also re did a bedroom and am working on an art project as IF they were coming next week! .... By engaging now, I will alleviate the stress of trying to do all this last minute. .... Likewise, I live in shorts in the summer .......... so why wait til 'later" to get ship shape' ...... I am planning now when there is no stress ..... and I am excited!! .... Oh, did I say even the scale lately is my friend? ........ Yes, it is budging and my endorphins are dancing!! ...

Close your eyes and take a moment to dream ... .. What is your vision that keeps you excited and going forward? ........ emoticon

Always enjoy reading the comments that follow my blogs ... Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by! ...
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