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March 5, 2017 (Sunday)

Monday, March 06, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for responding to yesterday's blog. It is always good to hear from each of you. I hope I will continue to be alert enough in the evenings to continue to get online. Last month, I missed a couple of days mainly because I was too sleepy to get out of my recliner and get to the computer. I hope that will not happen this month.

Another pretty day, but a little cooler, however, not bad for March. It doesn't seem like we've had much winter. I am not complaining of course because I do not like winter at all. We had only one snow, and it wasn't much of one. Again, I am definitely NOT complaining. It just seems weird even for this area to only have one insignificant snowfall.

BUTEAFULL - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your kitty. I hope he/she had a GREAT DAY! emoticon

MORTICIA - I hope it is NOT cancer that is causing PORKIE's illness. I don't think I've heard you mention RUNTSTER. I am glad RUNTSTER and BLOCKER are doing GREAT! I will continue to keep PORKIE in my prayers.

Oh, mine still continue to 'act out' a little, but at least Sophie isn't driving all of the others nuts with her shenanigans. She is about as big as the others now, so they do not hold back when she gets in one of her 'moods.'

I hope everyone has a GREAT week! I am out of here now to get caught up on all that I did NOT do today.

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