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Sunday, March 05, 2017

I have not been active on the site for quite a while. emoticon Here's a quick update. Still on anti-thyroid meds. 5 mg 5-6 days a week. That appears to be working well for me and the doc is ok with keeping me there. Had a couple tests for parathyroid and results indicate hyper parathyroid. The good news is my calcium levels are fine so that one is a keep an eye on, but don't do anything about it at this time situation. Will have iodine testing with my next set of blood work. Had it tested around 10 years ago or so (maybe a bit less) and iodine was low. We will see how it is this time and what the doc says. Still doing fine with no cancer recurrence (uterine cancer). Weight is stable with no real effort on my part. Need to actually make an effort though and drop a few pounds. 5'4" and 145 to 148 range. Stress for the last couple of years has been unbelievable. Hopefully that is finally slowing down. My goal for this year mainly involves reduction of stress! Secondary goals are eating healthier and exercising.
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