Rough ride

Sunday, March 05, 2017

This is my 4th pregnancy. For some reason, I'm finding this one especially hard. The mood swings have been tough. I've been weepy alot. (which is annoying!) I went shopping for maternity clothes today, since I managed to be at Target alone for a change. I swear, they seem to thing that only people who are a size 2 get pregnant and want to look cute while they are. There were tons of horizontal stripes on stuff. I mean seriously, those look awful on ANYONE, no matter the size. I hated them when I was a size 5 or whatever. As a fat pregnant woman, There's no way in HECK I'd wear that. Ugh. Shopping always depresses me these days. I miss the days when shopping was fun.
I am so tired. ALL. THE. TIME. Between chasing the 2 kids and the pregnancy, I'm exhausted. But not sleepy, so here I am at midnight blogging because I'm just worn out, and not sleepy, and typing feels good, and it's helping me unwind.
I got a new bra today, so I'm happy about that! It's even a nursing bra. :D Horray!
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