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Procrastination is the Thief of Time!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

I never paid attention to what I ate for such a long time. I really like the trackers on Sparks. It is making me more accountable. I find myself pausing before randomly grabbing something to munch on. I am preparing healthier meals more often and now I see how lack of planning can leave meals up for grabs and grabbing the wrong foods is the normal choice for me. I love salads but when I run out it is days before restocking. Procrastination is the thief of time! My art teacher use to tell me that all the time. She was a small woman with thick glasses that always dressed as if she was a spinster in the 1940's. She wore her dresses like a banner for they were who she was all the way down to her straight laced shoes and the bun pinned to the back of her head. She always walked around with a pointer in her hand and I always imagined her using it to smack our fingers if we got out of line like in some old movie. I truly can say though that she made an impression that has lasted my lifetime. I really admired her attention to detail. One thing I noticed about her was the way she ate. This was back in the early 70's and while I and my fellow classmates would grab lunch at the university cafeteria or the newly built McDonalds she was constant. Everyday she had a hot bowl of soup with two crackers and an apple. During the day she had her tea and she started my habitual tea habit. We would offer to buy her lunch and she would say" Mark my words the food you are eating will ruin those stylish figures." She talked like she had time traveled too but we all loved her dearly. If I had only heeded those words some forty years ago I would not be in the mess I now find myself in. I wasn't always overweight and at one time I followed my boyfriends vegan diet and I have to admit that I never felt better or looked better in my life. I fasted and ate like a rabbit back then because it was how I stayed thin. Of course that might have been those young and dumb years with him but either way when he went off to pursue fame and fortune I remained behind. The problem was is after we parted ways my behind grew when I started eating the foods again that I liked and that wasn't good for me. I have always eaten the way I was brought up - meat and potatoes or some other starchy food and vegetables was out of a can if I ate them at all. The other stable food was the sandwich and it did not matter if it was hot or cold as long as it was between two slices of a bread product and back then bread was made of bleached flour. I grew up in a family of six and other than an occasional banana or apple at a friends house we never had fruits. The only fruit that was eaten in our house was on Memorial Day and Labor Day and that was watermelon. I was in my late 20's when I tasted my first strawberry on Valentines Day and I loved it and I married the guy that gave it to me. But back to the procrastination thing. I have always procrastinated about everything. I have always stayed up all night finishing whatever task that had a dead line to it. I procrastinate about exercise too. I find any excuse to do it later or maybe not at all. It is no wonder I am one big mess when it comes to all of this. It is easier for me to not eat than to try to figure out what I should be eating. With me it has been "Hey honey what do you want for dinner - ok Pizza it is!" I feel like that fish in the Nemo movie. Oh - there's a Wendy's - but wait there is Pizza Hut! I have spent more time debating over where and what to eat than actually eating. It has become easier to have my husband decide than me because I just want to get it over with and I really do not care what I eat all I know is I have to eat something. So I guess I could blame my tremendous weight gain this last time on my husband because he has pretty much selected what we ate and all I have had to do is cook it and enjoy eating it. That would not be fair by any means though and if you haven't figured it out there has been a definite pattern during all my past relationships not just the two I mentioned previously. It seems that with every relationship I have ever had I have never really controlled what I have eaten. I just kind of go with the flow. Whatever they like I will eat it. I have known this for years but since it did not matter to me than it wasn't a big deal. The food I was consuming wasn't really the issue as it was the four instances that made me less mobile that caused me to gain the weight. I should have ate less since I wasn't able to get moving as I normally would have. I do take full responsibility for my procrastination over not having taken control of my life. Procrastination is easy like a thief in the night. I give a little here and a little there and than the pieces start falling all around me. Most people would call it laziness but I prefer procrastination. Procrastination rolls off of the tongue with an elegance to it. The problem now is that I must slay this dragon and reclaim my life. I am not getting any younger and I hope to live longer. Mrs. Baclawski lived to be 102 and she seemed to have her life so controlled. It is a wonder I am not dead by now. But you know what they say - Procrastination is the thief of time! I will figure this all out tomorrow!
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    "Manana" has been my theme song all my life and just like the Bible says "we will reap what we sow". I've watched so many opportunities and dreams go down the drain because I was too afraid or too lazy to act and I always thought I had so much time. I know the work "lazy" stings but it is more honest than "procrastinate". But whatever you call it, you can change. It won't be quick and it won't be easy but, little by little it can happen. It is very important to take control of what goes into your body so that means you must have a plan. And of course you and only you can control what actually goes into your mouth. There are so many good, doable ideas on SP: like using a smaller plate for your meals; drinking a full glass of water before eating your meal; or eating a salad (minus croutons, cheese and all the other calorie laden toppings) or a cup of soup before a meal. You've come to the right place for advice and support.


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    1034 days ago
    I owe my just reading your blog now to being a world-class procrastinator myself.
    But once found, your admissions truly sounded familiar, and I am with you in this journey. I hope the tracking is still helping. Take it one step at a time-- but don't stop. (That's the pep talk I repeatedly must give myself.) Blessings! emoticon
    1039 days ago
    "There is always tomorrow" is an easy sentiment, and before you know it years have gone by. Some things you have no choice but to deal with today (the baby is screaming, you have to find a job to make the rent), but what's the time pressure in food? It's so easy to put it off because the consequences are so far ahead that they are fuzzy....until the day they aren't. I make meal plans for one reason only: I know I can't think on my feet, I have to look at a notebook. I'd make a terrible trial lawyer or fighter pilot or quarterback, but I CAN plan my food. Then I don't have to worry about decisions: they are already made.
    1058 days ago
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