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Too Short...

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Today, I hit an almost-milestone. If I were as tall as my driver's license says I am, I'd be a normal BMI!

Since the DMV doesn't do decimals, I'm actually half an inch shorter, so I have to wait another 2 pounds to actually hit this milestone, but man, it feels SO GOOD to be SO CLOSE!

I already hit a pretty cool milestone last week. I've been doing the 5% Challenges for YEARS, and for the FIRST TIME, I lost my 5%, with a couple weeks to spare! What a thrill!

Yesterday, my boss told me she doesn't like my face! I said, "What?"

She said, "I've noticed when I see you lately that you don't look happy, then I saw that you lost weight. Before, you had a face like a baby's face."

I said, "That's because my cheeks were so fat!"

"I like it better that way; now you don't look as happy." I think she meant I don't look as jolly--oh, geez.

I said, "But I'm so happy!"

She asked me to stand up and show her, so I did. She said, "It's good. I will get used to your new face."

I told her, "That's good, because I'm not going back to the other one."

When I left her office, she wished me continued luck on my regime.

I went back to my cube and laughed and laughed to my coworkers how she said she didn't like my face! What a funny, endearing thing to say. She's not a native English speaker, so she meant it to be a compliment, but she said she DOESN'T LIKE MY FACE! =)

Back to the subject of being too short, today, her secretary called me back into the boss's office. She told me that because I've lost weight, she has something for me. It's a dress her friend bought for her, but it's too short for her. For religious reasons, her clothes cover her arms and legs. So my boss gave me a dress! She can be so weird sometimes--that's such a weird thing to give your employee! But she's very cute, and it made me really happy. The dress, it's not really my style, but it's very pretty, so maybe it will be my style. I could see myself wearing it out, especially if I can get some cute boots to go with it. I hope it fits!
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    Oh that's so adorable. I love the story and I've had similar things with non-native speakers butchering their English. But I don't laugh to them - they are MUCH better at English than I am at Chinese or Arabic or Spanish whatever and whoever!! When I was pregnant, one of the restaurants we went to a lot, the mom owner had two boys and she and her husband were from Egypt. And so there, the rule of thumb for determining a child's sex (before sonograms and such) was how the belly was positioned. Hard to describe, but she was saying that boys made the mama's belly "ugly" - meaning, the belly stuck out way in front. I guess in their culture a girl baby was more likely to be upright, more in line with the spine, and not stick out as much in the front (maybe more sideways?). To my mind, that doesn't take into account if a woman is short waisted or long waisted, because I knew a girl that wasn't much taller than me but she was SOOOO long waisted - her torso was probably 5-10" longer than me and she was thinner, and she had like 5 boys and she always looked like she was maybe 6 or 7 months along even at full term!! (The only way I could tell she was full term was when her face and lips got stretched and affected the way I lipread her. Another thing that's hard to explain but I've seen this with other pregnant gals. I had too much skin on my face and plenty of room to "stretch" so I didn't have that same tight look that the thinner gals do at term...but...I did lose a tooth over the deal. ha. Another day another story...

    So anyway, maybe the dress could be sort of up-cycled adding extra fabric to the arms or using it sort of as an accent for leggings or some such??
    910 days ago
    🎉😸 you have a wonderful sense of humor - thanks for sharing and reminding us how to roll - laughter with life's quirks. You're on to something - maybe we're all just too short 👠👠😊
    964 days ago
    I am glad you can see the humor in her words. LOL. Keep up the great attitude! emoticon
    1004 days ago
    Congrats on getting to such a great milestone, and on the new dress. :)
    1050 days ago
    I missed this blog when it came out, and I don't know why! I loved your story. You're very sweet not to be offended by the "I don't like your face" comment, but I guess working with non-native speakers has made you very open-minded. I know I've had the same thing happen to me and wish I could think of an example--you know, something that would sound really rude if the person could speak perfect English. Well, this is a little different, but an eye doctor here told me once, "Never come back." What he meant was, "There's no need to come back." It made me laugh. But I might have already told you that.

    Anyway, good for you for getting so close to your goal weight! What a happy state of affairs!
    1060 days ago
  • MISSY455
    emoticon emoticon on hitting your 5% goal! You will hit that milestone very soon too.
    emoticon emoticon
    1091 days ago
    what a great story! I love it when someone with ESL says things without the restraints that we build into our social language. Children do the same thing. Glad you were able to see it for the compliment it was. Congrats for hitting your 5%!!
    1091 days ago
    1091 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1091 days ago
    Your boss story made me laugh. Congratulations on your 5% loss for this challenge! Continued good luck getting to the BMI healthy marker.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1091 days ago
    It's lovely that you took such an awkward compliment with such good grace. Congratulations on your continued progress. emoticon
    1091 days ago
    So, maybe this is a case of, "she noticed and cared enough to say something, but said it a little wrong"? Cultural and language differences sure can make for some funny and amusing miscommunications. She sounds like a nice, caring person, and it was very sweet for her to give you a dress. Women giving women stuff to wear crosses all cultures I think! Are you going to post a photo of you in your new dress? Congrats on your almost-goal!!!! (I need to be approximately 8'9" to be at a good weight, so maybe I'm not heavy, I'm just too short! emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    1091 days ago
    I like your face!
    1091 days ago
    Congrats to getting so close to your milestone of healthy BMI! It can happen any say from now : )
    Sounds like your boss really cares for you,
    it is great you respond positively to her kindness, despite the language/cultural differences.
    Your story made me happy!
    1091 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    emoticon emoticon
    1092 days ago
    What a funny thing to say I'm so glad you took it the right way Congrats on your success
    1092 days ago
  • LINDA!
    emoticon Great success. Two more pounds will be gone soon - FOREVER.
    1092 days ago

    How folks react to the changes in us can be pretty amusing sometimes.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. So exciting! emoticon
    1092 days ago
    Your boss sounds a bit like Spock! I'm glad she's determined to learn to love your new face, since you're keeping it! ha ha! emoticon

    Wow, a new dress! I hope that it fits too. If it doesn't, save it for when it does! emoticon

    When giving out your height, it's easier just to round up, rather that round down. Think of walking through a cut out of the shorter height, could you do it without bending forward or backwards? If not, go with the next inch height. Traditionally, insurances' height and ideal weight charts gave people an inch, you always add an inch, because most of our shoes have a 1-inch heel.
    1092 days ago
    Cool! Hope you get use of the dress and congrats on others noticing change and progress you've made :)
    1092 days ago
    Congratulations!Also your boss sounds great!
    1092 days ago
  • no profile photo KATDEL20
    1092 days ago
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