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Feeling Better, Liquids, Diverticular Disease

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I haven’t been feeling well for about two weeks, due to a flare-up of diverticular disease, with very severe abdominal cramps and pain. I eventually had to resort to a liquids only diet to make the pain stop. After three days of that, I finally started feeling better. I’m slowly introducing soft, low fiber foods again, and plan to take it very slowly.

For anyone who has this disease, you know it’s a strange thing. You can be feeling perfectly fine, and you are supposed to eat high fiber foods when you are feeling well. Then out of the blue, you suddenly get an attack after eating something that caused no problem in the past. This time for me it was Chinese food, an order of Sesame Chicken. I ate about one-third of the serving and planned to save the rest for the next day, but woke up in the night in severe pain, that lasted the entire weekend. Then, you have to switch to low fiber, low fat, soft foods. Sometimes that’s enough to stop the pain, and you feel better within a day or so. But this time, the pain continued even with the soft food. Even plain white noodles caused pain. I tried various foods for a week, but kept having pains. After another bad attack, I had to switch to only liquids. For three days I drank tea, broth, milk, and water. I was glad to finally have the pain stop.

(I didn’t have a fever at all during this time. If you have a fever, you need to get antibiotics, as it could turn into a life-threatening situation. Obviously, I’m not giving anyone else medical advice here…use your own judgment and follow your doctor’s advice, but I know in my case it wasn’t at that point.)

Also, I lost my appetite while I was sick, and ended up losing about four pounds. I guess that’s the bright side of feeling so bad. I was up three pounds above where my ticker showed on my SparkPage. I started logging my food again while on the liquids only phase of my illness, so I could easily see if I had pain again what was causing it. I was having less than 500 calories a day then, so that explains the weight loss.

I thought this was a good time for a reboot of my weight loss efforts. I’m planning to continue logging my foods, specifically so I can track how I feel after eating and make sure I don’t trigger any more attacks. And this illness was sort of a “forced cleanse” of my system and I feel better eating less, so I’ll see how it goes as I slowly introduce solid food again. Being ill really makes you appreciate it when you feel better, and just being out of pain feels great!

I hope all my SparkFriends are doing well. Appreciate your good health and good days when you have them.
PS...if anyone wants more info about diverticular disease or diverticulitis, there is good information on the Mayo Clinic website. Again, I'm not giving medical advice...just relaying my experience and my story (I've been living with this for many years, so I know what is normal for me, and when to see the doctor).

Also...if you want to contact me about this subject, please post directly on my SparkPage or send an email...I don't check this blog since it is old. If you post on my SparkPage, I'd be happy to share any info I have on the subject.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The diverticular info was interesting. I was diagnosed a few years ago but haven't had a flare up til a few days ago. I kind of forgot what that pain was like til then. I wasn't sure if I should go on liquids or soft foods. I had a CT scan yesterday but haven't gotten the results yet. I'll check out the Mayo Clinic site.

    Hope you're feeling much better now.
    1009 days ago
  • LINZEE118
    So happy your are feeling better. I know someone with that disease & they said it is extremely painful. emoticon It's not the best way to use weight! Please take care. Linda emoticon
    1189 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I am so sorry for your illness. I am certain that the pain was devastating. I have IBS so I am pretty familiar with your illness.I am so grateful I have not reached that level.

    Praying for you. emoticon
    1190 days ago
    Auna, technically you can have diverticular disease and never know it, if it never bothers you. When the diverticula (the little outpockets of the colon mucosa) become inflamed it's called diverticulitis, and that's when it causes the pain. In my case, things get inflamed and it causes narrowing, so I think that's what causes severe cramping. It's like making a fist, and trying to get anything to move through there! So, a liquid diet is needed until the inflammation stops and things get back to normal. I think any drinks are fine, as long as they don't have fiber...the fiber is too difficult to pass through until things settle down, and then you add fiber in slowly.

    This may be too much information for some...but, if anyone has this problem, maybe it will help.
    1190 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/2/2017 10:44:12 AM
    I love the Mayo Clinic website! They're usually my first stop when I want any health info. I'll definitely read their overview of diverticulitis. I read something somewhere else that didn't seem right. It said their were no symptoms whatsoever of it, so you never knew you had it, unless it was noticed while looking for something else. But that can't be true, if it causes swelling and bleeding, like what I was reading. Anyway, that wasn't from the Mayo Clinic, I'll have to check their info out!

    I'm sorry to hear how rough things were for you, but happy that you are feeling better! I was worried, you'd been ill a while.

    I have trouble with eating too. I don't have what you have, I don't think. But sometimes, I just get all bloated, and have to limit my fiber, because I can tell that it's going nowhere. I was feeling good about wearing size 14 pants, but then, yesterday, I wasn't able to zip them up and I don't know what happened! Well, I think it may be because I just started eating more, and drinking more. When I count my calories, I let me eat more. But when I don't, I'm practically anorexic, because I'm so scared that I'm doing it wrong. So I am eating more, plus I'm trying to get 9 cups of liquid a day. And my body hasn't adjusted to this yet. But I know I miss those pants fitting! Maybe I just have to wait longer for them to really fit.

    Are you allowed, or does your body let you have nutritional drinks when you are on the liquids-only diet?
    1191 days ago
    Glad you're feeling better, that's the main thing.
    1191 days ago
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