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More Running; More Weighty Thoughts

Monday, February 27, 2017

Woke and dressed in my running clothes. Dropped the grandkids off at school and went straight to the asphalt trail. Ran my 6 quarter mile repeats per training plan. Was so glad to hit the pace without difficulty, running my repeats under 9 minutes per mile pace. Didn't really have to work that hard. It's just amazing to me how working a training plan, just a little harder than I was already working out, makes such a difference!

My Getting Started runner who I coached on Sunday posted our pictures to FB, so I'll share one:

(Aside thought: Wow! I look so much like my paternal grandmother as I get older! She called herself "horse-face" but I always thought she was too hard on herself.)

Sunday's run completed Joy's initial training and she earned her Galloway training medal. She did 4 pre-weeks on her own from a free written plan for those who wanted a kick-start. Then Getting Started met and began group runs 9 weeks ago. I only missed one plus I did an extra because Joy had to work Saturday. So Joy has been running 13 weeks now. She's up to run 10 seconds/walk 30 seconds for about an 18 minute per mile pace. I'm very, very proud of her. I'll run-walk with her on March 4th for her first 5K. I'm pretty sure she'll be joining the half marathon training group in 2 weeks.

The middle was a "3" on the scale this morning, and I just like a "2" so much better. Reality is that if I never want to see a 3, I'm probably going to have to get down to 125 pounds because I fluctuate that much! Oh, well. I'm sure I'm not alone. I'll think about it. Maybe I need to start weighing in kilos or stones or some other measurement so that that middle number doesn't bug me so much!! And I recognize the reality that I feel much better at this weight than I did 2 months ago about 10 pounds heavier. I feel fit and healthy. I do suspect that my best racing weight is still several pounds less; my PR weight is about 5 pounds less. Not sure if I'm willing to do what it takes to live at that weight. Still mulling it over and trying on lifestyles!!
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    You look so pretty!! And healthy, happy, fit, self-confident. Love this picture!!
    964 days ago
    Don't let it bother you cause you're not alone. I have been trying to lose a pound for the last two months approaching the third pretty soon like tomorrow. I have ounces bouncing back and forth.
    964 days ago
    Ouch ... why do we "tell" ourselves such hurtful AND wrong things. You're gorgeous and so is auntie.

    Here's to finding your "best".
    964 days ago
    so lucky to have a running community like that - both for them and for you! love the photo, your runner must be so proud! and i know what you mean about the kg vs lb - my swedish scale in the summer somehow seems less in kg than my winter scale in lbs, even if i weigh the same:-) i like the way you "try on" lifestyles!
    964 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Oh my, so the self criticism goes back several generations :-( Didn't think it was so prevalent back then. So wrong. And missed the mark entirely. If she is anything like you she was a beautiful person inside and out..
    emoticon to your student and you!
    It gives you so much happiness to have that middle 2, but it takes such a lot of work for you to get it. Is it realistic to think you can get that low and maintain it? Does 128 make that much difference than 130? Is it worth the constant angst and struggle? You look in such great shape to me, I think I am biased. That you could run at any weight you choose, so long as you have no injuries and uninterrupted training. I especially think the ST physio will up your game too.. Remember muscle is heavier than fat...
    965 days ago
    LOL... kilos and stone... I'm thinking you'll only be happy at about 9 stone. But seriously, congrats on your success as a coach... has to feel GREAT to see your fledgling runners "take off"! Proud of you, my friend.
    965 days ago
  • GABY1948
    You look gorgeous in your pictures! I always tell you that but you ALWAYS DO! And no HORSE face about your face! Gorgeous swan maybe! You are so amazing doing all that you do! For the grands and for hubby, and your runners and running buddies and ME too! You were born to be loved!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    965 days ago
    965 days ago
    It thrills me to hear of your experiences with the new runners. So exciting! I love that you will be accompanying Joy for her first 5k.

    Keep trying on the lifestyles until you find your best fit.

    And, seriously, consider weighing in kilos for the next maintenance challenge. It might shake you up in a good way. Love your thinking!
    965 days ago
    I love the way you are giving back to others. I think you look great in your pictures too!
    965 days ago
    I think you look FANTASTIC!
    965 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I'm glad you are working on the "2", as I want to see that for me as well. I read Covert Bailey's book "Fit or Fat" some years ago and he taught "wind sprints" which is what you are talking about with running 10 seconds and then walking 30 seconds. He started out with 10/50 as he said it caused the cells to learn to be "butter burners" and increase the mitochrondria. He said "Oh, the cells say she is going to keep up this running so we got to get ready." He was an interesting man. I read he is retired and about 86 now.
    965 days ago
  • TAMIP62
    You look wonderful. It's so inspiring that you also coach others and help them along the way.
    965 days ago
    Great picture! For sure we have to decide what it is we can (or can't) live with so we maintain our healthy lifestyle habits.
    965 days ago
    You are an inspiration! You are amazing! emoticon
    965 days ago
    That's awesome!
    965 days ago
    965 days ago
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