Settling in

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thanks for all the congratulations everyone! I'm finally getting adjusted to the idea of being pregnant again, and settling back in to eating well. I used the pregnancy as an excuse to eat horribly for a few days. NO, NOT an excuse. I lost weight with the first pregnancy eating well. I believe that's why. I would be THRILLED to loose weight with this pregnancy as well, if everything is ok.
Friday is our first appointment, so I'll hopefully hear baby's heartbeat, and maybe even see the baby, since our hospital confirms pregnancy with an ultrasound. :)
Looks like I had some serious bloating going on, cause when I did my weigh-in on Wen, I was at 225, down from 230. So that's fantastic. :D I've been really concentrating on my water, too.
I felt little flutters today, though I know it's most likely just gas this early. I can't wait to actually FEEL baby.

We're thinking about names already. Any suggestions would be helpful!
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