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Weight Update & My Faith Journey

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hello Everyone:)

I hope & Pray that you all are well and enjoying the New Year!
As you can imagine things in my life has changed and are changing all the time. When I weighed 653lbs I barely existed. I had very little hope for myself and it's like I was alive but nearly dead on the inside but by the grace of God, he has given me the strength to do better. By faith, I have been blessed to make changes in my life and will forever give him the praise for what he's done and for (the unseen) what he's going to do.

This road has not always been easy but every day I am grateful. Within the last couple months I have had many challenges, there were times where I felt defeated but I continued to push on, trusting in the Lord. I haven't always felt strong but I continued and continue to keep the faith because I know where I used to be and I know the blessings of the Lord.

I often read the scripture. " I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" And I look back at how far I've come and I think to myself, there is no way I want to go back to that dark time in my life. I am not out of the woods, and I think on this journey you will never completely be "out of the woods" because this is a whole new lifestyle that has to carry on for the rest of my life and when my journey began in July 2015 it's something I had to understand and accept in order to maintain a healthy weight.

So if anyone right now is struggling, feeling defeated or ready to give up, DON"T!! Never give up.. Remember, struggle today but STRENGTH tomorrow.. Today will never define your progress but tomorrow you have a chance to find that inner strength deep within to be able to press on.

I finally have a weight update to log!!!
My regular doctor decided to move to San Francisco to be closer to his family, so I am under the care of his replacement. I have my first appointment with the new Doctor in April.. I was so sad when my regular doctor gave me the news of his leaving. He was the first very supportive doctor I have ever had. He was the first and ONLY doctor who didn't try to push the Weight Loss Surgery on me and in fact he is the very first doctor who told me that he felt I could continue on making great progress without surgery if I continue to do the right things. He is the doctor who set me up to have my first Skin Removal surgery this may and he's the only doctor who really gave me hope for a brighter future.

I teared up when we said our "goodbyes" but he assured me that his replacement was very good and he had a thorough conversation about me and what we were doing health wise, so I hope I am as comfortable with my new doctor as I was with the old one.
My first appointment with him was suppose to be in December 2016 but I was told due to the holiday season my appointment date had to be changed.

I didn't want to wait until April to be weighed. My weigh-ins are very important to me so yesterday I was able to see a substitute for prescription refills and to be weighed.
I was so excited to see that so far I have lost 302lbs!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon.

I may not be able to log onto Spark very often but I will continue to update each and every weigh-in no matter what and continue to hold myself accountable

On the 19th of April I will have my first pre-op appointment and on May 5th 2017 I will have my first skin removal surgery and will keep you updated on that. I have to say, i'm looking forward more and more to having my skin removal surgery because in some areas the excess skin is really starting to affect me, so I'm counting down the days. I wanted to lose about 50lbs prior to the surgery, hoping that everything will go just a little smoother. I am not there yet but So far so good.

Spark Friends, thank you so much for the notes, emails and comments. I am still with you!!

Start Weight:653lbs
Current Weight:351lbs

Looking Back..... We Must!! emoticon

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