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Today I have 40 Years of Continuous Sobriety

Saturday, February 25, 2017

40 years!! I am amazed myself. It has only been possible by the Grace of a loving God, and the support of an amazing fellowship.

I had lost my weight on WW 6 years before, so you'd think I understood something about addiction, but I didn't. People compare food addiction to alcohol addiction, and there are many similarities, but the support needed to overcome each one is different. I know many people in both AA and OA, but most started in AA then went to OA. I did it the other way around.

I heard an AA speaker one time who said that AA had helped him with recovery from his drug and alcohol addiction, but he managed to gain weight until he weighed over 300 pounds. One of his friends who was also in OA suggested he come to meetings. Of course, he told them that he had managed to recover from the REAL addiction, he was a circuit speaker for heaven's sake, and thought he could go to an OA meeting as an expert right off the bat. He found out that he understood nothing about food addiction, that he had to experience the humility of being a beginner in another Program, start with Step 1, and accept the fact that he was powerless over food. There were many similarities between the two addictions, and the process of recovery was the same, but the experience, strength and hope of the people in the rooms was specific to each addiction. He was able to lose the weight by having a new spiritual awakening, a new path to recovery, and a whole new group of supportive people.

There is nothing as concrete as a scale in alcoholism recovery, we just count days and years. Both are addictions, and there is hope for recovery in each one. Both AA and OA are amazing programs with amazing people, all with hands held out to help.
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