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Strong and Lean in 2017 - Adventures in Snowmobiling

Friday, February 24, 2017

The DH and I went to Leavenworth, WA over the week-end to visit friends and it was a Winter Wonderland. They have a house (they call it a cabin) and they choose to live in that area specifically because they like to play in the snow. They have some high powered snowmobiles and that is something the DH and I have wanted to try. Our friends borrowed two snowmobiles (from their daughter) for us to use and off we went. I was nervous about it, but after a 5 minute lesson on how to use the throttle and brake we were off. I followed John, my DH was behind me and then Donna brought up the rear. They kept us newbies in the middle.... good idea.

Day One - We did 24 miles on trails that are basically just for snowmobiles. It was snowing but I stayed pretty comfortable and dressed warmly. I had to keep the visor up on my helmet so I could see; and my lips and face got the brunt of the weather. All in all, it went well and was a fun experience. I can definitely see advantages to learning how to do this when you are a more fearless kid. I'm overly cautious I think. It does take some upper body strength to corner and keep the machine under control when you are traversing ruts.

Day Two - We did 64 miles! I felt more comfortable and the weather was great ~ at least for the most part. We stopped at a junction area to use the rest room and it was amazing to see the amount of snow on the rest room roof. It is hard to tell on the trail how deep the snow is as the snowmobiles skim over the road and everything is white. You see trees but who knows how much of the tree is below the snow. We decided to go to the top of a mountain that was about 5 miles from the junction. As we went steeply up in elevation from that point, the weather started to deteriorate until we were in white out conditions and couldn't see the trail. John looked for a place for us to turn around and when he did I followed him I got stuck. I couldn't go forward as I was at an angle where the snowmobile could easily roll on me. John came back to get me unstuck and when I got off, I actually sank in the snow up to my waist! Boy did that get my heart beating! It was impossible to walk and once the snowmobile was unstuck I had to crawl to get back to it. It gave me pause thinking about people you hear about on the news who get stranded or stuck in the snow and have to walk out. That was quite the experience. We didn't make it to the summit, but even if we had we wouldn't have seen anything. Definitely an adventure!

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