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Sometimes I notice things....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

...that are interesting--if I slow down long enough to really think about it. Sometimes if I write about it, I can figure out what it really means. I was busy typing but I heard a Cadbury commercial. One of my favorite candies is the Cadbury chocolate filled eggs. I automatically went into mantra mode: "I can't have that. I can't have that. I can't have that." Then I thought about it and realized that's not true--I really don't WANT it. It would make me feel bad about 5 minutes after I eat it. Chocolate is one of the hardest foods to digest, plus there's all that sugar in the chocolate and the creme filling. I learned the hard way about sugar at Christmas when I ate a piece of pecan pie.

There is also that WW thing about you can eat anything if you save up or rearrange your points. No...I cannot eat anything because there is a lot of junk food out there that makes me feel bad even to the point of being flat out SICK. I think this is a critical difference between "dieting" and "lifestyle change." I have transitioned out of the dieting phase and am living the lifestyle. I do believe we all start on a diet, and as we work our program and learn what we can about our own bodies, nutrition, and the food that gives us wellness, we transition in a permanent change.

The whole point on me beginning this journey was to feel better. I was suffering from so much pain that it would keep me up at night. I couldn't move and became a hermit prisoner of my pain. If you told me a year ago that I would be here writing this after walking briskly around my entire neighborhood, I would've told you to up your dosage that you were losing it. The ninety five pounds I've lost has made a drastic difference in how I feel. I feel alive now. I'm socializing, exercising, watching my diet, and today I'm fasting because of the book I'm reading. Have I stopped looking for information? Not no, but HELL no. I will be continually learning about wellness.

The point here is that this has become somewhat like what happened when I quit smoking. I quit cold turkey. For awhile, I brooded, thought about it daily, and wondered if I would make it. I even "cheated" a couple of times when I was with others who smoked. But...I made it to the point I wasn't thinking of it every day...maybe every other day, then once a week, then once a month and now...never. I NEVER think about smoking, and I smoked for many years. It never occurs to me to pick up a cigarette.

I've done the same thing will food. I started off cold turkey, and even though I had goals and a list of reasons I wanted to lose weight, I did begin in the "dieting" mode. The first thing I ditched was anything with sugar and I closely monitored carbs. I thought about those foods I missed every day. Whenever those thoughts invaded my mind, I just said no and thought about something else or got up and did something to take my mind off the food. It was difficult at first, but it got easier. The next thing I knew, my food intake became automatic. I was totally avoiding fast food, junk food, and greatly reduced carbs. I learned to love salads and clean eating. Did I feel deprived--actually, no. I really loved the way the food was making me feel. I was eating anti inflammatory foods for the pain, and I was feeling so much better than before.

I ate that way right up until Christmas with no feelings of deprivation or missing out. Over the holidays I decided to eat an eggnog muffin and a piece of pecan pie. I immediately felt the effects of the sugar. It made me feel lethargic and a little nauseated. I didn't like how that felt. I've pretty much stayed away from the sugary stuff just for that reason. So when that Cadbury commercial came on--the one that would've had me focused on picking up some when I went to the store--I realized I just did not want one. At all. I think I can safely say I've graduated to a new level of understanding about my own health, and I hope you can join me.

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    What insight! Thanks for sharing.
    966 days ago
    emoticon emoticon This is awesome!
    966 days ago
    Well done! especially not letting a few goodies at Christmas derail you. I am still battling with moderation and the flood gates mentioned by MTN_KITTTEN...
    966 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Gotta love that cartoon.

    It's all a big challenge. I can't seem to find a "diet" I can be comfortable with.

    BTW did you read my mail to you?
    967 days ago
    My BFF and I were just talking about WHY do we abandon our clean eating ... coz we THINK we miss some specific food item.

    Then ... by eating "the" missing food item ... we open the flood gates of the sugar/junk monster.
    967 days ago
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