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She believed.....

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Can it be? I've been in short-term care for nine months, and experienced many changes. Therapy began May 16, 2016 and ended in July, when I hit a plateau. For awhile, I continued to workout on my own...but it's more fun when someone else is encouraging you to push the limit.

For 3-months I began searching for assisted living. Everything in southern Minnesota had 18-month waiting lists. And 50-miles northwest of Minneapolis, no-one wanted to deal with my wound or my Lymphedema. My stress bottomed out and on October 13th, I quit....I shut down and every day someone would try to blast me out of my room. I wasn't interested....

Then I got sick...My fever leveled out at 102 and when my BP lowered to 62/40, the EMT's took me to the hospital. There were many familiar faces surrounding my bed, as they found the same team that I had back in May.

Actually, all those caring people brought me back from the bottom and breathed life back into me. One of my aides was from the Philippines...several days we had heart to heart conversations. He was my life-line, for which I'm very grateful.

After a week, I returned to the short-term care /nursing home. Once again, I began therapy and after two weeks, the person doing my assessment wanted to know what happened when I was in the hospital? I was exceeding well past my old plateau, something had changed.

Every time a therapist showed up at my door...My face would light up. I'm told it's very normal to fall in love with your occupational and physical therapists. But I never suspected that I would fall in love with my workouts!!

At Christmas, Donna brought a motorized wheelchair to my room. All I needed was a bit of confidence and soon my therapists complained that I was too independent. My analytical mind was always thinking one step ahead.

There was that one day...Tony said he would be back after lunch. By 1:45 I made a decision and with my "golden retriever grabber", I managed to remove the plug from my chair and spent 20 minutes moving the joystick, until the chair was next to the bed. As I got in position to put the sliding board under me, in walks Tony. "What are you doing?" He asked as he looked around the room. I'm waiting for you! "And if I had been 10 minutes later?" I said, I probably would have met you in the hall. LOL

Of course, that day's comments included being able to transfer on my own, as long as there was another body in the room. Nothing is holding me back, this time. In fact, a huge part of my change was knowing that I wouldn't return to the old assisted living.

At my last assessment, they wanted to take away therapy. I said, what about my goals? You've never asked what I want! I want to feel porcelain under my butt and in order to get that, standing and pivoting would be beneficial. Therapy has continued...

Feb 13th, I stood up twice, for a total of 18 seconds...it's a beginning. My wheelchair push ups are creating about 4-inches of hang time. And my bat-wing arms are solidifying into arms of steel (with a bit of wobble on the bottom).

On Tuesday, Bailey had a heart to heart with me. He didn't care for the person I used to be, because when one isolates themselves they tend to get depressed (I didn't like her either). But he likes the person I'm turning into...he's wondering where this confident, determined, independent person came from?

I turned to him with a smile and said.....

I believed I could, so I did!!!!
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