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Beck Refresh: Chapter 11

Thursday, February 16, 2017

In Chapter 11, Dr. Beck talks about when to stop dieting and start maintaining. Critical to that is the idea of my lowest achievable weight vs. my lowest maintainable weight. And it all boils down to how much I'm willing to restrict my calories and balanced again how much exercise I'm able fit into my life. She has a lot of great questions, and I plan to revisit this chapter when I get closer to my tentative goal. My tentative goal is 138 pounds. I say tentative, because while i would like to lose more - the last time i lost weight i got.down to 132 - I'm really not sure whether going lower is suatainable. And whether I want to put the energy into it. Buy whatever I do, it is very clear that it shod be a conscious decision, not drifting. I can get down to 132 but I'm not able to maintain it without giving up more than I want to give up, I need to make a decision to allow myself a few more calories or a little less excercise, rather than just allowing my weight to deft up. That's happened to me in the past, and it is a recipe for failure. There are also more strategies and practices, but I'll revisit them later. Doing well on food but need to get my checklist ramped up. Work was a bear yesterday, crises and annoyances. Today I will focus on staying calm and Zen. I interviewed a new doctor today and I liked her, so I'll be going back for a physical soon. The interview wasn't my idea, just the way this practice works - they gather medical info from me first - but it worked for me, allowing me to decide whether we are a good fit before committing.
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