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Snow days

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It snowed most of yesterday, we supposedly got 36" here, but that would be hard to tell since it is mostly laying around in very tall drifts. The snow blocked all my windows downstairs, plus all the lower-level barn windows, makes it kind of dark! I didn't attempt to plow yesterday due to the wind, we had gusts up to 55 mph, not much fun on an open tractor.
This picture is from the porch door, snow blocking is about 5' across the stairs, then much higher by the post. You can just see the top of my pickup cap to the right.

This picture is out the dining room window, I can no longer see my garage straight across the courtyard

This is out the deck doors, quite a peak of snow!

So today after throwing down hay, doing chores and lugging in some pellets I dressed in my insulated snow bib overalls, big jacket, hat mittens with hand warmers in them and went out to check out the damage. I made the big mistake of trying to just push through the snow in front of the barn, after it gets up to your waist the traveling is hard, never mind up to your neck. Just didn't look quite that bad from the barn door. The picture is from the barn door, the snow there was up to my knees but got rapidly deeper, you can see just the top of my pickup, with the extra tall cap to the right.

The poor greenhouse is almost all buried, it is in that corner of the barn next to the garage where I keep the tractor.

The house from the barn door

The front of the garage was snow up to the top of the tractor front, I swam through that and dusted off the tractor, got it started and drove out plowing snow in front until of me. I decided the best bet would be to clear the snow around the front and then move the truck, I was partway down the front with a lot of backing up and pushing a huge bunch of snow a few feet at a time when the front tire came off the rim. That was exciting, NOT! I propped up the front end with the bucket, checked out the tire and decided to try pumping it back up, it is a tubeless tire. I wane downstairs in the barn to retrieve the snow shovel so I could shovel a path out of the barn to take the compressor out. My car is in behind the overhead door so all that snow has to go.

I started up the compressor and it filled, shut off and started leaking a lot, oh boy, this looks like fun. This compressor is a 30 yo Craftsmen, it has always leaked a little, but the hissing was much louder, so I went and got two extension cords, took them out, then the compressor. It did not want to restart, and I shut it off so it wouldn't trip a breaker and went to get heavy duty cords, they worked to start it once, but unless all the air was gone I couldn't get it going again. The tire rim was giving me problems, and there is not much give to tires with this cold. It decided to get the new compressor going, I have had it for several years but still stuck to the older compressor. I got the hose out and put the ends on for quick connect, then tried to put it on the the compressor, but none of the ends that are in the box will go into the quick connection on the compressor. At a loss I decided to go get some lunch and look at the manual. I never did figure it out, guess I will have to get a different end before using it. I called my neighbor and asked about using his compressor, he is going to drop over later tonight when his chores are done. I shoveled a path up to the road, long driveway! Guess plowing will resume tomorrow.

The mama Bantam had a dumb moment today, she took all her chicks into the big calves pen, they were eating and generally ignore chickens, but I don't think they noticed the little ones, two were stepped on before she got them out safely. I took this picture last night of all 10 of them, now there are only 8.

Calliope in cuddle mode

Supper time, I am trying a new recipe, honey garlic shrimp with broccoli, quick easy recipe!
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