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February Fog

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let's just say I feel like I have been in a fog for awhile now. I'm doing everything I have to do...but I'm not really doing it WELL & I'm not overly happy about doing it. I'm quite literally just going thru the motions. And I'm honestly not sure what brought this on or caused it or whatever. I don't know that I "need" that piece of the puzzle. But what I do need is the way to get off of this road.

I need to work on my road map. I have a goal (destination). I know where my starting point is. Now I have to find the best route for ME to get from here to there. My path might not look like the next person's path, and the route might be a little zig zaggy. I also am definitely prone to stopping & smelling the flowers or taking in the view. But I WANT to get to my destination & I don't want it to take forever which is what it is feeling like.

What tools do I need to put into action to get from here to there?
1. Good nutrition. I was going to say better, but that's too vague & it could mean ANYTHING. So I'm going to make it plain. I need good nutrition. I need REAL food--foods my great grandma could recognize--at regular intervals throughout the day that have been cooked in my home or can be eaten in a more raw form (fruits, vegies, etc).
2. Exercise. I need to be walking daily just to get my functional fitness up. But I also need my ZUMBA for my excitement & I need to strength train to build my body up & to tone up the ugly spots.
3. Good sleep. For this tool, I need to limit the caffeine to coffee & only in the morning. Coffee after 4 in the afternoon changes my sleep & that isn't good.
4. Chiropractic & Yoga. My body works better when it feels good. Chiro & Yoga out once a month each. More yoga at home as often as I can fit it in!
5. Appropriate study time. I need to pass this class. I have to give it the time it deserves. Be realistic.
6. PLANNING. All of the above require planning. Set up a non-negotiable weekly planning session & make sure you are accounting for everything you have on your plate.
7. HUGS. As many as I can from whomever I can. Really!!!
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