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Beck Refresh Day #41: Make a New To Do List

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Almost to the end of the book! But not to the end of these practices. I'll need to keep on practicing these tactics as I continue to lose weight, and in maintenance, if I want to be successful. And that's what Dr. Beck tells me today: that I need to make a new to do list, and stick to it. Some things it'll need to do every day and some things I'll need to do between once a day and once a week. The daily list includes things like, eating only until mildly full, while seated and enjoying every bite. Monitoring my eating throughout the day. Reminding myself of my motivation and that if I want to lose weight and maintain my loss, I must say to myself "no choice." Exercising regularly and practicing my anti-craving strategies and responding to my (inevitable) sabotaging thoughts. The daily to weekly list includes reading my response cards as needed, remembering to use my strategies for eating out and traveling, and weighing myself weekly. Also, enriching my life, reducing stress and using the 7 question technique to solve problems. And also importnat: making sure I continue to make the time and find the energy to devote to this effort and checking in with my diet coach. Dr. Beck devotes some time to discussing food planning, as well as how long to continue doing the checklists and going through the full process. She suggests that if you stop food planing, for instance, that you should monitor carefully and if you get off track and begin to overeat, go back to it right away. For me, I know that this is something I will need to do for a long time. I simply forget too easily what I ate, better to plan and track. I know myself! While my ultimate goal would be to get to a place where all of this comes naturally to me and truly do "think like a thin person," the fact is that if I don't pay attention and monitor, I will likely not lose weight or even maintain, but go back to gaining weight. For whatever reason, that is true and I may as well face reality. Probably a more reasonable goal is that my thought practices will become more automatic - thank you Kriszta, for pointing that out - and I will spend less time going through the anti-craving process, at least part of the time. But for now, I'll be patient. Even after tomorrow, when I finish re-reading this book, I'll continue to do my checklists - I have one on a spreadsheet in my Google drive which I can access from my phone or computer. It's a pretty basic checklist - I put a "Y" in the box when I've done the thing and leave it blank when I haven't. Too many blanks and I know I am off track, while a full week of Ys in a,most every box gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I guess I am a little OCD.... but with a little discipline, I can make this an advantage! Right now, I'm headed home from my second week of work travel - and I had a very successful week! I stuck to my plan almost perfectly, with only one unplanned glass of wine on my last night. I resisted more temptations than I can count because I was prepared, and I took time to make sure I was rested and as relaxed as possible. Practiced yoga twice in my hotel room and got to the gym three times. I am giving myself a ton of credit. And while I'm hoping to see a reduction on the scale when I get home, I won't freak out if I don't. I've been eating in restaurants and the food has been pretty salty. I can't wait to get home! Happy Friday to all! I hope your weekends are happy and healthy and you have success in whatever you set out to achieve!
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