McDonald's a Great workout!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

My oldest son's favorite place in wither is the McDonald's PlayPlace.My youngest son is now old enough to want to explore it, but he's still afraid of the tunnels. So we he tries to climb the mesh area that goes up 4 levels. He loves it, but he's to short too do it alone. So I've been climbing it with him. For the last two days. Yesterday for about 3 hours, and today for about 4. I've spent most of that time climbing with him. I got home yesterday, and even standing was exhausting. I ached, from shoulders to ankles. I wasn't hurt, but it's that good tired that means you worked HARD. and boy did I. And today? Even more. I'm surprisingly not as tired today though. I know you adjust to the activity level, but that seems a bit fast. Although maybe it will hit me in a little bit. I don't know. I just know that I forgot how much of a workout it is, and dare I say it? How much FUN! I don't know if I will brave the tunnels when Wes decides to try them. I remember trying them when Nate was first doing this, and it was hard. Partly because the "steps" they put in them are oddly spaced for an adult's stride. I told hubby that when he picks me up from going to the gym today that he's going to have to carry me to our room and spoon feed me. LOL.
It's good to let the kids run around and play. They're having fun.
Now excuse me while I fall over. emoticon
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