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Beck Refresh Day #40: Enrich Your Life!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Today Dr. Beck tells me to enrich my life now, rather than waiting until I am thinner. I don't think theists a problem for me. The only thing I'm waiting until I'm thinner to do is buy new clothes and I think that's reasonable. I have enough clothes in the size I am now. It is interesting to look at the note I wrote when I first read the book expressing my desire to draw and paint more. I've done that! I took a painting workshop in Italy and I loved it. And now I have space for a studio in our new house that I'm going to set up this weekend. New paints, so excited. I've also married a wonderful man. I am blessed and lucky and I remember that every day. My second day of travel went well. I had to make a couple changes in my plan, but stayed on track. Dinner was delayed, there was a ton a stress and a lot of temptations, but I managed to stay on track. Good planning helped, I knew I would want to have a glass of wine and socialize at the end of the day so I built that in, and I brought my own healthy snacks so I wouldn't need to rely on the candy and chips provided. Yay me! Also read my response cards, exercised early in the morning and enjoyed every bite that went into my mouth. I also used my anti craving strategies - labeling it, reminding myself No Choice and hunger is not an emergency. And gave myself a lot of credit. I was also reminded that for so many of us, food is not a simple thing. It has so many meanings and is laden with emotions and imperatives for so many people. One colleague in particular who has a number of food restrictions and food issues held up dinner for everyone yesterday, seemingly oblivious to how others were feeling. While it was clear to me that it was causing concern in the group, no one seemed to feel comfortable saying anything. I ended up guiding this person in deciding what she wanted to eat, so everyone else could get on with it. Once I realized no one else would take charge, I tried to be very calm and offhand about it, and in the end it was fine. But really another reminder that each person has their own struggles, their own path to follow. I'll take mine, thank you. So, two more days of travel and then home Friday - and I can't wait! I feel like I'm over the worst of it, but that should be a good reminder to remain vigilant. Funny, that word. People seem to like it. It certainly serves us well, those of us who are trying to lose weight as well as those who are trying to maintain their loss. Sparkers, thanks for being there for me - I appreciate your help! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day!
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