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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Here's the group I ran with Saturday. The marathoners had left an hour before; these are all half marathoners, like me. I'm in the front row all the way to the right, wearing blue shirt from the Celebration Half Marathon I'd run the week before. See my lit arm band, shoe lights, and hand-held light. Light helps me feel confident as I try to stay alert for foot placement of every step. Staying alert for a 5 to14 mile run is asking a lot. Also trying to use good posture. It's easy to slump when focused down. I've now had 17 months and counting of running without a fall. And counting......

I am following a training plan, with my Galloway Program Director monitoring my Garmin results downloaded to Final Surge, trying to increase my speed for upcoming 5K races. Yesterday's mile test at 9:29 was better than my previous one this year of 9:40. However, I am very aware that in April of 2013 I ran an 8:47 mile. Not sure why I'm so much slower. Is it aging and VO2max decreasing? Is it less training? Is it running too cautious (or cautious enough) to avoid falls?

A mile test of 9:29 indicates I should aim for a 5K pace of 10 minutes per mile or a 31 minute 5K. PD Coach reiterates this as my reasonable goal. For someone with a PR of 27:33 that is a bit disappointing. I ran a 30:54 5K in August 2016. I feel fitter now. But I know that pushing harder than that would raise my risk of running injury (and falls, too, I'm sure). Also, I'm still 4.8 pounds over my PR weight. That is a factor, but I'm going in the right direction. It could be that my current 1200-1300 daily calories does not support my best performance.

I do say any day I can run is a blessed day. Certainly! How many 67 year olds cannot do what I can do? I am blessed. But I am fighting that inner voice that says it isn't exciting to race when you just aren't as good as you used to be just a couple years ago. I fight that voice with mantras, like "Fitter Every Step" and "Fit and Fine, Fit and Fine". I try to remain focused on the positives of being an older runner and all it does for me, including bringing neat and interesting running friends from several generations into my life (see above pix). Yes, life is good. There will always be someone faster than I am. And that is fine. I might never be as fast as I was. Perhaps that is fine.

And for me, it might not quite work that way. We'll see.
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    Shooting for what is best for you all around is a great goal too. In fact, it is probably the best goal! emoticon
    913 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I LOVE this so much...forgot to reply when I read it earlier. This is SO YOU! I find myself wah-wah-wahing more and more! This is SO true and absolutely SO YOU! emoticon emoticon
    925 days ago
    I think you are doing great! Being careful is worth the slower time!
    925 days ago
    Awesome example!!!!!!! We can do what we set our minds to. And do it to the best of our abilities.
    925 days ago
    I think you are in amazing shape and put in the effort and share lots of support to co-runners.
    I am younger than you, when I got a new ST plan from the trainer at the gym, I said to him, I think my PR days might be over, I still want to be in the best shape I can be at this stage, and he said, never give up on PRs, work and train for them, you will stay in shape and if they happen, bonus.

    I like what OnMyMeds says
    We may already be beyond our peak performance, although I don't doubt that there will be one of those perfect races now and then where we still come close or even surpass our past efforts.

    926 days ago
    Upright. Smiling. Across the finish line. My new mantra! If it's good enough for MIRAGE727, it's good enough for me! After all, the real goal is to be able to keep feeling the joy of moving! I think eventually ALL of us have to make that adjustment. I've had my years of PR's... I'm happy I am functional! emoticon
    926 days ago
    I really relate to this: as a person who loved to run and can't run any more and who has tried to return to running many times . . .

    It's hard.

    But as you say, focusing on what you CAN do now -- and how fit and healthy you ARE -- that's the important thing.
    926 days ago
    You are definitely fit and fine today. None of us is who we were even one month ago. Today is the day and you are enjoying what you are doing. emoticon
    926 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Neat photo, those shoe lights really are bright! You are one of the tallest ones there!
    I can't believe how low your calories are doing what you are doing, can't imagine that sustaining you. Have you ever tried linking the Fitness and Nutrition trackers for Sparkpeople? It lets you know each day how many calories you should have based on what your exercise is for that day. I found it really works for me. Far better than a fixed calorie range every day. More realistic and dynamic based on your exercise and rest days. Makes sure you have fueled properly for sure. Remember starvation mode when the calories are too low for your activity. Running burns a lot of calories and especially long distances.
    You rock! You are doing amazing!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    926 days ago
    That is a hard one, one that I deal with every time I run: I'm not quite what I used to be just a couple of years ago. Slowly I'm trying to accept that just running is good enough.
    926 days ago
    I think you can also measure your incredible success in staying out of the doctor's office. You are doing fantastic and inspire me to at least WALK a 5 k this year!
    926 days ago
    Oh how true it is. Every time I fall or am injured I think I will never ever recover again. But then blogs like this remind me that you have fallen and recovered and I will recover too. Provided I do the work.

    A pal of mine who is our age and who was a life time runner observed once that people like her who were always runners frequently had to give it up because of injuries. She says people who began later in life really get the benefits and are not so likely to burn out. Good training habits and the wisdom that comes with experience and life learning make the difference.
    926 days ago
    Keep making healthy choices and doing your best. That's all one can do. And, enjoy!
    926 days ago
    Oh my, how I can relate to this blog. It usually takes 5 to 7 years to reach your running peak. I'm not sure that applies to runners like us who started at such an advanced age. We may already be beyond our peak performance, although I don't doubt that there will be one of those perfect races now and then where we still come close or even surpass our past efforts. Just don't think of it as "lowering" your expectations. Think of it as "readjusting". And I too, feel blessed that at 70 years old I CAN run. And, you are a running coach. That has to make you feel good.

    I've only taken one tumble in the 6 years I've been running, and it was because I turned my head to respond to someone I was running with, just as I was mounting a curb. Lesson learned.
    926 days ago
    926 days ago
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