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No TOXINS = No Problems

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Here is a Nice Review or Catch-Up (Depending on your Circumstance) on some of what we have been Learning:

We do NOT Need Medicine to Heal us. FOOD IS our Medicine.

This will be Long but it is something I am PASSIONATE about...and Not very many people understand this. I Love to share so others can Learn as well. I thrive in this area of research. I love Facts Research and Information.

Any Sickness Disease or Cancer is a Result of Processed Dead Foods and/or Stress...So when we stop Putting the Toxins in to begin with...They can No Longer cause all of the Sickness Cancer and Disease...This makes sense to you...Right? Remember NO TOXINS = NO PROBLEMS!

My point is...If we REMOVE Processed Foods...and We just ate HEALTHY WHOLE and ORGANIC there would be no toxins in our bodies to give us ANY Sickness or Disease to begin with...Do you agree?

The CURE is SIMPLE...So Simple.

The Cure is NO MORE DRUGS...They are a man-made concoction which our bodies Do NOT Recognize...Therefore...They cause a Chemical Reaction in our Bodies and Actually Turn our Disease PROMOTERS and FAT STORAGE on...They counteract...

The same with PROCESSED FOODS...They are man-made concoctions the body does NOT understand...and therefore we release Hormones that cause us to Store Fat...and Negative Thoughts which cause us to then elevate our Cortisol...and Turn on our Disease PROMOTERS and FAT STORAGE...Which Contributes to the Problem All over again...

I have Blogs and Blogs on this...With Proven CURRENT Scientific Facts from Several Resources...all coming back to the same conclusions...I did not have to prove anything...I merely connected the dots...as anyone CAN and SHOULD do...Check if what I say is true...Don't trust my word...KNOW FOR YOURSELF.

Well...Let's get a NEW PERSPECTIVE then...Let's look at it from Everything Reverses when we REMOVE PROCESSED FOODS Completely. EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Now we would activate the POSITIVE Domino Effects from HEALTHY and WHOLE Foods which only Cause us to be BETTER ...because we eat every Healthy Benefit that food has to offer...and Nature gets it Right...Our bodies Understand Naturally occurring things. We IMPROVE...with NO REASON for our bodies to Break Down...None...Processed Foods are Not causing the Opposite...You see? ..So They are Not even an issue..and we are Left with HEALTHY and HEALTHIER...Right?!?!?!?


Now...Our Hormones are in Balance...There are No Deficiencies...We are in Fat Burning Constantly and Disease PREVENTING...Constantly...The way we are Meant to be Naturally...Without man-made medicines and so called "food"...They are just Chemicals...That Man...Made...NOT FROM NATURE. THEY are the CAUSE for the Mixed Messages to our Bodies...Every SICKNESS-CANCER-and DISEASE is a SIDE-EFFECT of PROCESSED FOODS/Toxins and Stress...

It really isn't that complicated.

When we STOP Mixing the messages we send our body with Toxins...Our Bodies do their Natural Thing and Keep us ALIVE and HEALTHY and WHOLE...The way they have done through all history...Forever and ever and ever...Until Man Showed up and Tried to Do it Better...Tried to Fool Mother Nature...T sch-T sch-T sch...You Can't Fool Mother Nature...The GMO guys Did warn us of that back in the day when they introduced Chiffon margarine... Remember?

When we Stop putting the Processed Foods in we Regain our 100% Health Back...Eating Processed Foods Breaks the Healthy Signal by triggering a Negative Domino Effect by Activating your Fat Storage and Disease Promoters and Negative Emotions. It Keeps us Sick and Toxified and Prime for the Medicine Market! Cancer Treatments and Monthly Maintenance Medicine are the Backbone of our Economy...

Or we can trigger the Positive Domino Effect by NOT Eating Processed Foods...Now the Opposite will happen Right? They counteract each other...Because you can't do them at the same time...So it is One - or- the other...The Positive Domino Effect is Fat Burning - Disease Preventing and Positive Emotions...

Cut it Off at the Source! Processed Dead Foods are Absolutely The Source...Just as Healthy Whole Foods are Most Certainly The Solution.

Real Food Heals...Not Having Toxins Be an Issue is the Solution. Control your Foods First...and Everything Else Falls into Place after-that Automatically.

Once we Control the Food...We Control the Mood (Hormones/Emotions)...Which Give us a Whole Brand NEW Beautiful Happy Thriving Life to ENJOY because we are No Longer Treating Symptoms nor plagued by Negative Thoughts associated with Good Intentions gone awry...Rather we are Rewarded for Good Choices by Feeling Good and Accomplished in our Progress. We Grow more Confident with each passing day. We Focus on more GOOD in our Lives and therefore More Good is returned to us. We Grow YOUNGER (Yeah...We Do!)

The Color Purple Is Great for Your Brain! Get Rid of Industrial Meats and Processed Meats...You can make a Better choice in Grass Fed Animals. Yes! Chocolate! But the Right Kind is the Key! All you Need is the Right Tool! A Fork!

Remember...Our Brains...Our Emotions...Our Hormones...Our BioChemistry is Where We Will Find Success! Yes...You Need Your Body and Taking Care of it is of Optimum Benefit to You...But Keep in Mind that the Body eventually Stops Growing...While the Mind Continuously Grows as Long as We Focus our Efforts in Utilizing it and Nourishing It...and Taking Care of it...Just As Well as Our Bodies...If not Better.

You Knowing this Can Change the Face of our Nations...YOU are More Powerful than you Realize. When enough of us are Trying...and Seeing the Changes and the Results...Our Voices will be Seen and Heard through the Results of Change. We are Trading Sick-Sad-and Dying for Healthy-Happy-and Alive!!!

Get your Hormones Back in Balance and Check...Get your Health back to 100% Optimum Energy...Begin Feeling Better and Better and Better every time you eat...as you take in All of the Health Benefits of all those Healthy Whole Foods...

Imagine a World where instead of everyone being stressed and short-tempered and depleted...We were Energized Healthy Happy and Whole and It just Keeps Getting Better and Better...When we Decide...We Change the World One Person at a time...The ONLY Way it Can be Done...

Are you still with me? I could go on and on and on and on...If that's not obvious enough...It is a Process to UNLEARN Everything we thought we Knew...But Once you become aware...You can begin making Change Happen.

If you actually read all of that...Let me know and I will give you a Virtual Prize for all of your time. I hope you found something of interest. If you have Questions...I have answers...and Research.

I thought this was funny.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great blog. Most of my Friends don't get it. They look at me like I have 4 eyes sometimes. I am living proof it works. 69 years young this July and no meds.
    My Husband believes that the Doctor is right about everything so he did take meds for diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. He was feeling dizzy so went in and his sugar was too low. The Doctor took him off the diabetes meds and aspirin and said whatever you are doing is working. Clean diet and exercise. I'm still working on the cholesterol meds and B.P. I give him every article to read on these subjects hoping he will change. The cholesterol one scares me the most. People with higher Cholesterol live longer. Anyway that is my rant for today. Keep us the research.
    704 days ago
    Thank you for taking the time to write/share this.

    It has taken me a long time to get where I am now. I agree....real food ....not man made food is the way to go!
    836 days ago
    I have a Library with Research...At a minimum of 3 links from 3 different resources all coming back to the same conclusions if you have interest in learning more. I have put lots of Time and Research into Learning about Health.

    We've Learned that We are ALL Biologists and Psychologists by Default...and We can Control Every aspect of our internal workings...Depending on our Emotions. We've Learned EMOTIONS are Tied to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING...

    To give it a List...


    And this List Just Keep Growing as I Do...as WE Do!

    What is important to take away from this is that HOW YOU CHOOSE TO FEEL DICTATES YOUR REALITY.

    The Link to my Library is in my signature line as well as on my page. It's Free and Open to Everyone who has Interest. Certainly Not Everything is For Everyone...But it is Broken Down into Categories for Easy Browsing, So you can Challenge your Current Beliefs and Maybe even pick up some shiny brand new ones.


    836 days ago
    I'm glad your opinions work for you.
    836 days ago
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