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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I received a survey by email regarding the Orthopedic Doc thru Florida Hosp. Which I have never had problems with. They saved my life, but i had to complain regarding this Doctor. I have arthritis in my spine, and somehow my knee got thrown out of place, which makes it hard to walk (I have a cane hopefully temporarily) and have allot of pain. My regular GP prescribed 20 mild pills for me and when I went to this Ortho Doc I told him they were gone and if he would prescribe some for me...he said he couldn't which is a lie. Fortunately I had old pain pills from a previous operation that i used Tuesday to take a CT Scan and still was uncomfortable I only took 1/2 pill. Then tonight I woke up in pain and took the last 1/2 pill I had, so I'm able to function for a short time. But I did the survey and told them he seemed to lack empathy at the pain I was in and the future pain I would experience. He could of at least referred me to a pain doctor in the building, or do the humane thing and prescribe to get me thru Physical therapy, and actually I should of added he seemed kinda indifferent towards me, which makes me worried about future visits. I asked the PT about what to do when I feel the pain, she said do the exercises, which I've done and only makes it worse. When my Oncologist of 10 years opens up at 9am I'm going to call and talk to him or his PA regarding this since he referred to a pain doc while going thru treatments, but he did prescribe until I was able to get in. The only problem with that pain doc I used is he is in a hospital which is a maze and I'm unable to walk very far. So maybe he can refer me to one that is more accessible. I talked over 2 weeks ago with the PT and they gave me a name and I went but he wasn't a pain Doc, he was a GP but he gave me something for nerves which help with Sciatica and that has helped, they also referred me to a pain doc but it was over a 30 minute drive and in my condition I can only do a short drive. I have never been in such a run around before regarding health care. Well this is my rant, I hope I don't end up in ER due to pain, the one GP who prescribed me the nerve pill said he was at the ER earlier with a lady who had a similar problem and I told him I don't want to end up there. But like I said who they referred me to is a drive over 30 minutes away. no good.

Hugs and Loves wish me well for my CT Scan I did and hopefully my Oncologist will be able to help me out.
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