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Winter 5% Challenge - Week 2 Review

Sunday, January 29, 2017

This week was... hard.

I allowed myself to succumb to the negativity exchanged ON BOTH SIDES of the aisle in regards to American politics. Thursday was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I spent most of it trying not to break down into sobs at work. I got into an argument with a friend. For the first time in my 35 years on his planet, I FEEL like I, as a woman, am lesser. Marginalized. IT SUCKS. And I let it get to me.

This past week was also when I am due to ovulate, and years of daily tracking have shown that my weight is always up around ovulation. I know this. It's normal for me. However, the 5% challenge only focuses on the scale number as a measure of success. I started the challenge at 172.2, and my first two weigh ins were both 173.0. That's right, two weeks in an yesterday's weigh in was still up. (Again, this is a normal weight swing for ME, but few in the 5% challenge are privileged to know that, haha.) Last night before bed I hopped on the scale as I always do. I know that my weight is often 3 lbs less in the morning than it is before bed, so I KNEW the scale would be down today. And it was. 171.0. Thanks, body, you couldn't have done this drop yesterday??? Well both me and my body are pretty stubborn.

So in case I hadn't mentioned it, at least not in specific terms, I'm experimenting with eating more, by way of a Metabolic Reset. I ate low for a long time and didn't see results, so I need to eat at maintenance for a while to see if I can then fix the way my body holds onto weight. I set my Spark range to change with my exercise and I have my FitBit linked. My Fitbit One is on me 24 hours a day unless I'm in the shower. When I do an actual planned workout, I use my Polar heart rate monitor, then plug those numbers into the FitBit. In case you didn't know, when you track a separate workout in the FitBit app, using accurate beginning time and duration, it overwrites the FitBit data so you get an accurate tally for that time period. Also, my HRM shows that I burn many more calories than the FitBit says I do. HRMs are the most accurate way to calculate calorie expenditure, and if you know me at all you know I like accuracy in my data!

Last week I burned 2005 calories in JUST WORKOUTS (not including my walking group on Sunday). That was 4 hours 56 minutes of pure working out. I logged all of those minutes in the flight log for the week. I DID NOT count walking the dog or walking to the bank at work or jogging in place to get my steps because that isn't intentional fitness. It's intentional fitness if I'm wearing my HRM (or if I'm at walking group, where fitness is the point).

Here you can see how bad Thursday was. It was so bad I accidentally broke my 8,000 steps a day streak that I'd had going since August 1st. I missed it by TEN STEPS. I'm going to keep going on my streak. If I can make it a full 12 months and just miss that one day I'll consider it a success.

I also want to b*tch about this No Evening Eating challenge. I'm eating 2200 calories A DAY. I don't WANT to have to cram in 1500 calories before dinner. Why should I eat if I'm not hungry and then have a rumbly tummy when I go to bed? The human body doesn't care when you eat something, it metabolizes it all the same way. I'll do my best for the team but this challenge sucks. I've been planning extra calories after dinner for years and it works for me to spread my food out all day.

Lastly, here are my badges for the week:

I probably won't get the LTGL badge next week, and I can guarantee you I won't ever lead in fitness minutes because 2 hours a day is a) overkill and b) not available time in my day.

Have a great week, everyone!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I was sorry to read you had a bad week. Whatever goes on in the world, you only, can determine your worth. Whatever the politics say, you're not lesser.
    You are working your ass off so.. maybe you're working too hard? There were a lot of articles lately about moderate working out and how working out too hard could impact your journey. Now, that might be something to look at?
    Congrats on all the badges you received so far. I am with you with not working out 2 hours a day! some poeple do have the time, and well, good for them but once again, those badges doesn't determine your worth.
    Keep sparking, Andrea, you got this!
    810 days ago
    Sorry to hear that last week was tough for you. About the 5% Challenge - I don't like NEE either, I just do what I can. The challenge still keeps me on track and moving, and while I would love to see weight loss every week, that just isn't happening. I didn't meet my goal in any of the past challenges, but I keep trying. Hope this week goes better for you emoticon emoticon emoticon
    810 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    811 days ago
    Congratulations on all your successes through Very Bad Sucky days. Those are the times that we truly know how strong we are. One day of missing a target by 10 steps is still a success in my book.

    As you know, I rebel against the NEE challenge. I'm not off to a good start. I went into full out rage challenge last night. I haven't figured out exactly why this hits ALL my buttons, but it does. I'm giving myself plenty of positive talk about the rest of the week. I know, however, that this is my weakest challenge. We do what we can.
    811 days ago
    Having a tough time myself but we will use our voices and our strength - we will not go back.

    The 5% challenge is helping me stay on track... slow and steady!!

    btw - That book is a family favorite - multi-generational! I stood in line at a conference years ago just to tell Judith Viorst herself.
    811 days ago
    You certainly do a thorough job of thinking things through. I admire your analytical mind and your ability to work so hard to reach your goals. You are a very impressive woman, and definitely not lesser in any regard. Congrats on the weight loss and all the hard work you are doing to get there.

    emoticon emoticon
    811 days ago
    emoticon I love the challenge teams also, but learned that I needed to let go of the perfectionist attitude and stay on the program that works for me. Sounds like you have a very good handle on how your body works- so just stick to your program.
    811 days ago
    Wow you have been working your butt off! I know you look at the scale for your challenge but for peace of mind don't forget those no scale victories. You've got this!
    811 days ago
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