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Friday, January 27, 2017

So I did my measurements on the 20th. I meant to do my blog that day. So much was down. So much.

Old numbers
Waist 47.5
Hips 48.5
thigh 25.75
upper arm 12.5
calf 17.25
breasts 50
ribcage 44.25
belly 48
Neck 14.75

New Numbers
Waist 46.5
Hips 46.5
thigh 24.75
upper arm 14.5
calf 17.5
breasts 48.75
ribcage 41.25
belly 46.5
Neck 15

I'm down to two rolls on my back. Which sounds weird that I'm happy about that. But it's awesome to see that down from 3. The new pants I got for Christmas are falling off my butt! Horray! My backside is shrinking faster than my belly, as usual. Ugh. I gained a little bit, and now I'm loosing again. So horray! I'm 2 lbs away from what I was about a month ago, so I'm doing great!

And the walk to Nate's school is getting better. I've had trouble with my knee though. I twisted my ankle the other day, and popped my knee. I had to walk to Nate's school for the next 2 days on it. The first day was AWFUL it hurt so much but I didn't have a choice. I got home and could hardly walk. Yesterday was better. I didn't start to get sore till the last bit when I had to go home. And today I was good, except it popped a little in the kitchen. I hate when it does that. It's an old injury that didn't heal right cause I didn't have insurance at the time.
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