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Thursday, January 26, 2017

I am frustrated. I know weight is only a number. I know weight gain is normal during pregnancy (weight of baby, fluids, extra blood volume, etc). But I am frustrated.

First, had my prenatal appt today. Everything seems fine I guess. Had to do the glucola 1hr GD test today, just got the call that I did NOT pass and have to go for a 2hr test tomorrow. AND I need to start taking an iron supplement

Meanwhile, doc points out I gained 4lbs since last visit, which is okay, but I need to slow down the weight gain cause I've gained 35lbs already. WHAT?!? I told him that can't be right, I think the lowest I've been weighed in the office since I started OB appts was 248. He said in Sept. they wrote down 233, but maybe they wrote it down wrong. I told him I think so.

Now...I checked all my records (thank you sparkpeople)...I think 233 was the LAST time I visited his office before getting pregnant...which was May 2013. And the last time I weight less than 240 was Nov 2013. So, yeah, wrong. By like 15lbs. So yes, depending on what day you count as DAY 1 or low weight or WHATEVER in my pregnancy weight gain, I've gained 14-22lbs. I think I gained ~40lbs 11yrs ago with my 1st pregnancy. Yes, I'm on target to gain more than the 15lbs my Dr. said to try to gain this time. But the NUMBER bothers me. I haven't been eating different that I'm aware of. I'm trying to be aware of what I eat, and I know a lot of it isn't great, but I have a hard time even thinking the word "diet" while pregnant. It's just a stupid number. 14. 22. 35. Whatever. I just want a healthy baby. I know not gaining too much extra will help, and it will help me with an easier recovery...but what the heck do I do?

1/3/16: 259.4
8/7/16: 255.4 (3wks 1 day preg)
9/6/16: 251.4 (1st prenatal appt)
9/14/16: 250.6 (8wks 5 days preg, prenatal appt)
9/29/16: 252.0 (10wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s)
10/27/16: 249.8 (14wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt)
12/1/16: 256.4 (19wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s)
12/8/16: 257.4 (20wks 6 days preg)
12/13/16: 255.8 (21wks 4 days preg)
12/16/16: 256.8 (22wks preg)
12/19/16: 262.8 (22wks 3 days preg)...new all time high...maybe better get used to this. Freaks me out cause I've still got like 18 wks of potential gains. Here's hoping for the best, but I just want both of us to be healthy when this is all over.
12/29/16: 265.0 (23wks 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s) stupid holidays
1/26/17: 269.2 (26wks 6 days preg, prenatal appt, 1hr GD test)
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