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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

First 20wks of this pregnancy crept by, and now it feels like it's flying and I'll never get everything done. Holidays were nutty as usual. Last couple of weeks sucked. Had to put my dog to sleep last week, stupid cancer. I broke a tooth and had to have it worked on. They said it will need a root canal but they just stabilized it for now until after I have the baby, and then we'll see what we need to do to permanently fix it. At least that's the idea...fingers crossed for now. I went back to the dentist today afraid it was getting abscessed, but I guess the gum is just still really irritated from all the work they did cause the tooth broke below the gum line. Field work scheduled installing vapor wells at a site tomorrow. I'm going to freeze and I'll probably be exhausted by the time we're done. I need to go do field work Thursday to do a well search...I hate talking to people, and I keep putting it off. And I volunteered to give an hr long presentation about GIS at the 4-H energizer this weekend and I STILL haven't got that finished. Freaking out a little, but at least I'll have that obligation from my T3G institute out of the way. I know enough homeschool moms I don't think I'll have any issue arranging for some "workshop" time to meet the other requirement.

As for prepping for baby...not so much. We need to purge so much crap out of our house, and there's just never enough time.

AND I need to figure out what we're doing in the next few weeks for my big kiddos birthday, and 4-H projects are starting to pick up for the year. And then there's the actual paying work I should be doing right now instead of typing this, but my motivation is just dead. D.E.A.D.


Trying to record my food. I do okay with breakfast and lunch, but for some reason can never remember to record my dinner. Still need to work on drinking enough water (always). Need to make sure I'm standing up periodically from my desk when in the office. Round ligament pain almost scared me when I tried to go for a walk at the end of the day last Friday. Dr. appt tomorrow and we're going to do the 1hr gestational diabetes test, so fingers crossed there.

1/3/16: 259.4
8/7/16: 255.4 (3wks 1 day preg)
9/6/16: 251.4 (1st prenatal appt)
9/14/16: 250.6 (8wks 5 days preg, prenatal appt)
10/27/16: 249.8 (14wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt)
12/1/16: 256.4 (19wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s)
12/8/16: 257.4 (20wks 6 days preg)
12/13/16: 255.8 (21wks 4 days preg)
12/16/16: 256.8 (22wks preg)
12/19/16: 262.8 (22wks 3 days preg)...new all time high...maybe better get used to this. Freaks me out cause I've still got like 18 wks of potential gains. Here's hoping for the best, but I just want both of us to be healthy when this is all over.
12/29/16: 265.0 (23wks 6 days preg) stupid holidays
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