Week 2 - Better Progress - Marathon Training

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

As promised I am keeping up with my weekly goal check ins ;) - definitely felt more motivated last week for sure. I really like consistency! These check ins are not the most exciting to write but keep me on track for sure. Here goes, another week in the books:

Great progress last week, did lots of responsible marathon training which included foam rolling, planks and strength training. My long run went okay - still not as fast as I would have liked but got it done. The hard part of this training is waking up early to get my workouts in and last weekend I did a really good job with that overall. My goals this week are to wake up again to get it done as well as make sure that I am stretching and foam rolling like a champ. Apparently it really does the body good :)

Did fairly well during most days and the biggest achievement in this area is that I continued with my no sugar movement. It has been tough on the weekends and when your bf decides on a Friday night that ice cream is a must...grrr! But I stayed strong. It is bringing the pounds down too which is awesome and about time! I seriously think that it takes at least 3 weeks to see any type of loss of me. This week I want to focus on getting my fiber intake up more from more veggies. I am good at lunch with this but bad at dinner. Gotta do better with that.

It's been alright, my 2017 perspective on things has helped with that. I find myself "venting" less about things I cannot control. I have worked on projects that I enjoy and have tried to work with my team and developed good strategies this year. Overall pleased with work progress and at the very least my attitude towards it.

Stuff in my home is quite alright! This past weekend I went away for the evening with the bf which was really nice. Spending more quality Sunday home time. My oldest went back to college yesterday so that was a good change too. I need to focus on fixing stuff at my house though, annoying things break which drives me absolutely crazy! I need to get on it, get a power tool and fix this crap!

Transcripts were sent for school stuff, waiting to hear about class schedule. Looks like it's all coming together for a March start time frame. I am looking forward to it!

Well that's it, trying to keep up the positive momentum as I plug along!
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