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Thursday, January 19, 2017

I can't remember the last time I skipped a whole day of working out due to illness... until yesterday.

In fact, I can't remember the last time I was really sick. I've had one of the many bugs that seem to be sidelining people lately. I've run fever and had a few upper respiratory symptoms. it's zapped my energy and made me just flat want to lie down wherever I am and SLEEP.

In spite of that, I've managed to work out every day - I'm in the middle of round 2 of Core de Force - but it hasn't been pretty or fun.

Until yesterday. My alarm clock went off as usual at 5:00 am, and I got up, as usual... but then I went back to bed for almost an hour. I just could not face the thought of exercising, even stretching. I couldn't even imagine putting on my workout clothes and shoes!

For once, I listened to my body. It was telling me to knock off the foolishness and take it easy. Just this one time, it whispered. I usually don't listen to those whispers, because in the past they've been insidious vermin that creep into my brain and prevent me from doing what needs to be done, and they find their way back in more easily every time I allow it.

But I wasn't well. I needed a rest - a real rest. I still managed to get my modest step goal in for the day, as usual. I managed to stay at work almost all day.

And I got up this morning feeling more rested, more energetic: BETTER.

Resting when we need rest can be as important as exercise.


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    1227 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4688576
    Oh my gosh, I loved this, mainly because I tend to push myself as well!! I hit my wall last week and finally said enough is enough on Thursday. I had planned to get my workout in after work but instead decided that I just needed to go to bed early and get the rest my body craved. Sooo happy I did! I felt so much more awake and focused the next day. My new non-negotiable is to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night! I have only been getting about 6- 6.5 and it really caught up with me! Good for you for listening to your body!
    1229 days ago
    A wise decision!
    1229 days ago
    Rest is SO important and hard work requires more rest of me. I admit that taking rest days has been tough for me to do. But, I know my body needs it whether I think it does or not.
    1230 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    I must be hooked, even though I'm on winter hiatus, because the main thing that bugged me about my running regimen was the days off!
    1230 days ago
    Loved your blog!
    I don't need rest days because my exercise schedule has been moderate and stable for many years,
    but I can see how rest days are very important for people who train for races, or people who are in the process of increasing fitness minutes or workout intensity. May be the difference between safety and injury!
    1231 days ago
    I love the insidious vermin comment. Since you are feeling better today, it sounds to me like your body is thanking you for letting it rest.
    1231 days ago
    Glad you took the time to give your body a rest - we all need to do that to replenish ourselves. Thanks for sharing!
    1232 days ago
    You are such an inspiration... Glad you stopped to rest your body at least a little. lol

    1232 days ago
    Great blog!!! It is good that you are listening to your body. If you are ill, the rest will help heal you! Rest days are quite hard to do. Take tylenol to stave off fever and try using a steam inhaler to help get the "stuff" out! I also took mucinex to help with the congestion in my chest. (Mine developed into bronchitis). Hope you feel better soon! Take your time and get healed.


    1232 days ago
  • TURTLE69
    It's a good thing you listened to your body. I'm glad everything worked out good. We do need to let our bodies regenerate. Hope you are feeling better.
    1232 days ago
    Unfortunately I have too many rest days :(
    Good that you listened to your body-
    Not only did you need it, but you deserved it !!
    1232 days ago
    Take care! I appreciate the reminder of how blessed I am to be in good health. So many people I know are really struggling with illness this season.
    1232 days ago
    Yup. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was, fitness doesn't progress when you work hard. It progresses when you recover well *after* working hard. Rest days are important.
    1232 days ago
  • no profile photo CD721297
    Resting is never easy for me either.
    1232 days ago
    emoticon Donna, I heard you were feeling under the weather. I am so glad you took a rest day so you could recover! I am a big one for listening to my body so I totally agree with the notion! Hope you are fully recovered now! emoticon
    1232 days ago
    I am a big wimp, I've been lucky to feed us 3 x's a day and do the dishes, between me trying to get better and taking care of DH it hasn't been a pretty picture and when I do get better and can get back to my exercise it'll be like starting all over again, but I'll do it and soon I hope. May have to take him back to urgent care tomorrow, I really don't like his cough.

    You are one amazing woman, but I am glad you actually did listen to your body this time.

    "insidious vermin" lol, now I've got to remember that one.

    1232 days ago
  • BETRHO48
    Well said! Your body needs rest to recuperate and repair when sick. It's hard to do so when you are on "an exercise roll," but sometimes it is important to listen to your body.
    1232 days ago
    Love this!
    1232 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    1232 days ago
    I admit to getting a chuckle!! I do no think this was the 'insidious vermin' ... creeping back into your brain....No.........I think rather good judgment on your part. Good call going for the rest ... (I am calling for a rest day for myself as well!) .... Enjoy and kick back, maybe watch a movie or such.
    1232 days ago
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