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Winter, Mice, Clutter, and Tackling the New Year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A little friendly reminder, especially to those who live in areas that have winter weather. We had an unexpected, unpleasant visitor this week...a mouse! eek!
I lost my beloved cat last month, and he always took care of those problems. Without him on patrol, I should have remembered that mice usually find their way into the house when the weather turns cold. Well, we had some temperatures down in the teens two days, and a day later, we saw a mouse. We set traps and caught two (they usually show up in pairs, just so you know). Hopefully that's it, but I'll be sure to keep traps set from now on.

I'm on the FlyLady Team, and I posted about this situation on a thread there. I mentioned that this just gives me another incentive to declutter...there are too many places for a mouse to hide in my house! I sometimes watch the Hoarders show on TV for inspiration to clean and declutter. I can see how a mouse problem could really get out of control. It could have been in the house for several days or weeks before we saw it, and if they start reproducing, it could get really scary! I'll never be without traps set from now on!

To explain, my house isn't as bad as those seen on the Hoarders TV show. I don't have problems keeping the kitchen and food areas clean. My clutter consists more of boxes of paperwork, newspapers and magazines, junk mail, that I need to sort for recycling or shred if it has my name/address on it. I also need to go through clothes and donate things so I have room to put things away that I do wear. Just too much general "stuff" that makes things too cluttered. Any flat surface has too much stuff on it, and laundry tends to pile up. For many, many years I suffered from migraines up to four days a week, so I would throw things in boxes to deal with later. Finally I've found some meds that are helping with the migraines, and I feel like "later" is now and I can start dealing with things! (I'm on the Migraines team too, so you can read that if you want info about the new med I'm on.)

So, the plan for 2017: my goals for the year are to finally make progress on the clutter, and on the weight. I've lost the two pounds I gained over the holidays, so I'm happy about that, and now I can continue. I want 2017 to be the year I get under 200. And I hope by the holiday season of 2017, I can have family and friends over for a visit and not feel like I need to apologize for a messy house. Good luck to everyone with your own goals. Cheers.
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    emoticon emoticon
    1233 days ago
    We were getting some rats come up out of the sewer from out downstairs bathroom toilet, which isn't working right now. It's dry, so it was easier for them to get in. What solved the problem was blocking the hole into the house. It would be great to get that bathroom working again. We also get mice sometimes. My mom uses poison, but I think it's really bad, because not only does it kills them, but it could kill another creature, such as my cat or an owl that eats them later. I'm for the traps that you can catch them in and release them somewhere else, like out in the woods or somewhere. Which can cause a problem further down the line, I guess, but it seems a bit more humane. I had a mouse once that I caught in the house, that I kept as a pet. It was a field mouse, I think. It was dark brown, and it's ears were smaller than the domesticated mice they sell at pet stores. My mom doesn't want me to do that again. She's mean! I just kept it in a glass cage, they can't chew through a glass cage. It escaped once, but it came back, because it missed the free food. And me, I hope! Poor thing, it might have been looking for its other half. It might have come with someone, I don't know.

    We also have a clutter problem at my house. My mom and I had some health problems and we fell behind. We also tend to be overly sentimental about things, so that doesn't help a bit. I miss having people over too. I read that people with a lot of clutter have difficulties with keeping up with basic maintenance, so I'm going to start working on that better, being more helpful so that we can both get caught up. It would be so nice. I'm going to have to start writing letters to companies as well, to get off their mailing lists. At one time, I was getting close to zero mail, and it really helps. I am so glad that your migraines have been tamed, and you're able to work on your living space now. This is very good news! You can do this, just keep the faith!!!
    1234 days ago
    Congrats on the weight loss. If you need a de-clutter buddy, let me know!
    1239 days ago
  • no profile photo L_DROUIN
    EEK!!! As far as I can tell, I am mouse free! My son brought one home from work once and put it in a hampster cage. It ate through the plastic and escaped..BUT we must have got it because it has been years since without a trace. LOL
    I have a lot of paper clutter too and I am working on it. Once you stop working at it, it doesn't take long to take over again. Keep up the great job. They are great goals!
    1240 days ago
    OMG! EEEEEEKKKKKKk for sure. Hope you have that little critter safely removed from the premises.
    1240 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    We have baits and traps all over my Dad's house that is now empty. There is a huge cornfield across the street, so they come inside to the spa to warm up and RAISE FAMILIES!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!
    Gotta get them before that!!
    1240 days ago
  • LOJ
    Sorry, Marie Kondo
    1240 days ago
  • LOJ
    I have been using Marie Mondo's book ," the life-changing magic of tidying up". Not done with the process yet but its motivation for me! We can do it!
    1240 days ago
  • MWARNER211
    My dog is my mouse catcher :) we occasionally get them in the house but more in the barn. Hope you are successful in your de-cluttering :)
    1240 days ago
  • QUINNY2016
    Great goals! You really can do this!
    1240 days ago
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