Success requires planning

Saturday, January 07, 2017

The results you are looking for entirely depend on the effort you put in. End of story.
There are always going to be struggles, always going to be temptations. If you are planning for success you are giving yourself the tools to make the best decision upon each curve in the road.

Here's what I'm doing to set myself up for success; for weight-loss results and personal growth:
1) I've determined what my goals for the year, some only as far as the next few months. I've broken the bigger or long term goals down into smaller more manageable goals so that I can work up to achievement without becoming overwhelmed.
2) Every Saturday, I am putting aside a window of time while the boys take their afternoon naps to meal plan. I'll decide the meals for the week and make a shopping list. (we shop on Sundays).
3) I'll be working to build a habit of prepping some of the food to make cooking easier through the week. (pre-chopping veggies, cooking up meat for the first couple days, etc)
4) I've purchased a couple "personal development" books to keep me motivated and growing. Not only am I working to loose weight, I'm working to become a better me, and a more organized person.
5) I'm budgeting my year! I do this in excel. It won't be exact, but I estimate the amount of every paycheck based on my normal hours and current pay rate. I also have all my bills figured in. This year a minimum of TWO debts are getting paid off.
6) Oh, and while I have a super supportive husband, I'll also be reminding him that I'm on this journey of self betterment. He's in the mind set that he needs not change which brings in a weekly temptation of fast food and other unhealthy home food choices.

On a last note. Do not forget to plan out some rewards for yourself.
>>I have a serious chocolate craving this week and it's been tricky keeping it in check. So one thing I'll reward myself with is a healthy mixed snack of dried cranberries, raisins, cherries, nuts, dark chocolate chunks; this is allowed by my "meal plan" and is certainly a healthy alternative to a candy bar, ect.
>>I've also set a LuLaRoe reward for myself: If I achieve my goal weight of 155 by March 31st, I'll be hosting a LuLaRoe party online! So, for sure, let me know if you want in on that! I already have a few of the items and want to use them as a reward since they're so comfy and they make me fee good when I wear them. If I don't hit my March 31st goal, I'll be holding off till October!
>>As I change as a person while reaching my goals I will determine other rewards for myself to make sure I have even more incentive to keep going.

The point is, if you want to succeed you need to be able to keep yourself on track and motivated. Sparkpeople is a great place to surround yourself with motivation and have others help keep you accountable to your journey. But even bigger than that, YOU have to start yourself on the path to success. Some simple planning to make these changes creates a basic road map to success. Setting milestones that add up to your goals and allow you to reward yourself is going to help get you there.

If you need any extra help with encouragement and inspiration I'm starting to post a lot on facebook. While my personal journey may not be the same as yours I'm hoping my journey to a better me will help encourage others. I plan to share snippets from the books I'm reading as well as quotes, workout selfies, meal plan ideas, and so much more.

I appreciate each and everyone of you that take the time to read my blogs here, and I will continue to post here as well.

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