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The Thunder Down Under

Saturday, January 07, 2017

When it comes to holidays, January has one of the most unusual events of the year.
Fair warning - if you are the faint of "fart," this particular holiday may not be for you.
On the heels of National Bean Day, Jan. 7 is National Pass Gas Day. Yep, seriously.
One day a year is devoted to, well, flatulence.

1. The average human being farts 14 times a day
2. You fart enough every day to fill a balloon.
3. Flatulence--which occurs in nearly all living organisms--is a mixture of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and in some cases, methane.
4. The speed of farts. Farts exit the anus and enter the world at a speed of 10 feet per second, or slightly less than seven miles per hour.
5. Truth be told, only 1% or less of the gas in your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill fart has any odor whatsoever. The main culprit is hydrogen sulfide
6. Women's farts smell worse than men's. female farts have a higher hydrogen sulfide concentration than male ones and thus, fart-for-fart, they're smellier
7. Farting among the ancients. Roman Emperor Claudius declared that "all Roman citizens should be allowed to pass gas whenever necessary," which is an ancient variant of the modern maxim, "Wherever you be, let the wind blow free."
The ancient Japanese were said to have held "farting contests" to see who could break wind the loudest and longest.
The Greek physician Hippocrates decreed that "Passing gas is necessary to well-being."
8. A manufacturer known as Shreddies produces underwear featuring "charcoal-lined pads" designed to lessen the offensiveness of your wanton wind-breaking.
9. substances that diminish the brunt force of flatulence include peppermint, ginger, yogurt, pumpkin, cardamom, and fennel.
10. It's uncomfortably easy to fart on airplanes. Due to cabin pressure, more intestinal gas builds up while on an airplane than when one's feet are firmly planted on terra firma. What's worse, the fact that 50% of cabin air is recirculated means that those stinkers will linger longer than normal.
11. On the other hand, it's impossible to fart in the deep blue sea. Underwater pressure at depths of 33 or more feet below sea level digestive gas ceases to form bubbles and instead festers inside the scuba diver's colon.
12. Members of The Yanomami (a South American tribe) who inhabit the Amazonian rain forest traditionally greet one another with a loud, friendly blast of anal gas.
13. Yes you can light them on fire, so flammable, in fact, that a shed crammed with 90 farting cows caught fire on a German dairy farm in 2014.
14. Inhaling farts can be healthy. According to researchers at Exeter University, sniffing tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide--the precise gas that makes farts stink--can reverse mitochondrial damage and help avert strokes, dementia, cancer, and heart attacks.
15. The reason why your own farts don't smell as bad to you as everyone else's, because you've become used to it.
16. Farting among the dead. For up to three hours after death and before rigor mortis sets in, dead human bodies have been known to continue burping and farting.
17. Tighter anus = louder farts.
18. "Professional Fart Smeller" is a job in China.
19. Dogs love the smell of farts
20. The worst foods for farting. Actually, these are the "best" fart foods if your goal is to fart more: cruciferous vegetables, eggs, red meat, foods containing sorbitol, high-fiber foods, dairy products, garlic, and foods high in yeast. Beans are notorious for producing flatulence, but they don't tend to generate that sulfurous stink that repels discriminating nostrils
21. Nearly half of all women have farted during sex.
22. Explosions during intestinal surgery. The annals (anals?) of science include a few cases in which the build-up of intestinal gases during surgery actually led to explosions in the operating room
23. There are hundreds of other terms for "fart". Such euphemisms include "thunder down under", "trouser cough," "rectal honk," and "colonic calliope."

for more facts (there are 40 of them)

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