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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I have to take into account DH is older and has had some minor strokes. He prefers to do all the cooking and all of the grocery shopping. Lately, he has discovered that he can get great deals on pastries on the "day old" rack at the store. He is so happy and proud when he is able to bring home these great deals. But HE doesn't eat them. He gets things he knows I will like. I have been putting them in the freezer but now the freezer is half full of tempting diet busters.

Then, yesterday, he gave me a copy of an article on how to eat healthy to combat depression. EVERYTHING IN THE ARTICLE was stuff I have been trying to get through to him to make changes in his cooking and buying!!!! I kept telling myself not to get mad as I read it. Everything! Low fat, whole grains, vegetables, less sugar, avoid processed carbs. Everything! I asked him if he had read it. He said, he read it a long time ago, so I gave it back to him to read.

Then, today, he told me he was three pounds from his goal weight. I could stand to lose 50. He doesn't eat more than a nibble of the sweets he brings home, yet he SAYS he wants me to lose weight and be healthier. ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH.

Thank you for letting me get that out. He means well, and wants to give me things I will enjoy, but jeepers.
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  • ANGELN325
    I sooooooooooooooooo feel your pain. I had a BF like that. Exactly like that. Would talk about how I need to lose weight then bring home donuts and all kinds of goodies that he would not eat. Well, how do you expect me to do that?! I wished I would have thrown them in the freezer. I would enjoy one and then workout trying to work off the extra calories and I would even growl and tell him to stop bringing crap home! I liked how you asked if he read the article. I think it's time to go from subtle to "I read the article and this IS how I would like to eat so can you bring these types of foods home so I can?" LOL
    1574 days ago
  • DEB_RN
    Fortunately MY husband has gotten on the low carb bandwagon with me and feels so much better for it! Pain has decreased to where he doesn't need prescription pain meds anymore! We don't have any sweets in the house. We only eat fruit a couple times a week now. We share a large apple, which works out well. Men can lose weight without really trying. Mine has lost 48# since moving here in 2004. UGH! Now he has to watch that his weight doesn't drop too low. At 72, you do need a 5# cushion or so in case of illness. MEN! LOL emoticon

    1576 days ago
    I am so sorry!! Hopefully, he will realize what he is doing when he reads the article. If he doesn't, maybe you should point out the facts referring to the extra pastries he brings home for you.
    1585 days ago
    In the end they mean well...But...... Maybe reading that article again will help. Big hugs
    1585 days ago
    Oh my dear .. I think your DH and mine are made out of the same mold .. This year when I finally stressed that I was going to work on this .. it would eliminate his having to make me dinner .. :) I've lived for 150 years emoticon only having my willpower to get me through this .. It has actually made me stronger .. and I'm sure as soon as he gets bored on this (right now he's with me .. it will take about a week or so) it will begin again ..

    I wish you luck, and feel free to vent anytime --- it's your blog !!! (like many people have always told me) it's your place to vent !!!!
    1585 days ago
  • BRANDI1809
    Your husband obviously knows you don't eat the pastries because they end up in the freezer so you need to put them in the bin not the freezer or better still have a talk with your DH and get him to stop buying them. Wishing you luck.
    1585 days ago
    I understand. My husband buys candy, pastries and ice cream whenever I try to eat healthier. I have started to throw away the garbage he was buying as soon as it came through the door. Hang tough. This is about your health.
    1585 days ago
    That's so frustrating! Clearly he is not understanding how difficult this is. He's getting this stuff because he wants to make you happy, but it's not. Hope you get through to him!
    1585 days ago
  • QUINNY2016
    Sounds about right, doesn't it. Yuck. Not extra helpful now is it. I can relate. Weight loss is not my specialty anymore, but still such an easy task for him. Ugh!!!!!
    1585 days ago
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