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The results are back and my hormone levels are back into the normal ranges!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I went back to my Chiropractor this afternoon to go over some follow-up labs. I went through about 6 months or so of hormone treatments with topical estrogen/progesterone/testoste
rone creams. Needless to say, it didn't seem that I was seeing the results that both the clinic and I were hoping for. Each subsequent office visit with blood work had them increasing the concentrations of all the creams plus the addition of Levothyroxine for lower thyroid levels, even though they weren't "clinically" low.

The clinic was going to have all their prescriptions filled via a mail-order pharmacy out of Florida instead of me getting the creams here in town with a local pharmacy. I have no trouble with mail-order pharmacies but really wasn't interested in having to pay up-front at the clinic for services I would be receiving in the future and having my prescriptions sent to me so I talked to my Chiropractor to see what they could do for me instead.

My Chiropractor likes to use a saliva test to test for hormone levels which he feels is a more reliable indicator of actual hormone levels, rather than relying solely on blood levels. My initial levels were mostly extremely elevated, lots of them so high as to not be accurately measurable. He had me do a detoxifying cleanse using natural supplements and clean eating for 3 weeks and then a follow up of the saliva test.

60 days post cleanse had my levels down towards and in the normal ranges for most of the hormones. A couple were still considered high but they were looking much better. I've continued taking Cod Liver Oil, vitamin D drops and a couple of supplements to support my liver (which needs to be healthy in order to regulate hormone levels) and went back to have another saliva test done about 3 weeks ago. My results came in earlier this week so I went in today for an adjustment and consultation to look at the lab results.

All of my hormones are back into the normal range!

I can't even imagine how I would have been doing at this point if I would have continued on the hormonal creams at the rates we were going. I'm so happy that I listened to my inner self and decided to try something else! AND - I haven't taken the levothyroxine since starting to regulate my liver health with the supplements and I don't think that I can tell the difference.
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