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Thursday, 12/22/16

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The orthopedist was well worth the time this morning. We learned that Maegann actually has two breaks in her foot. The first (Dec. 1) is healing, but is a more difficult one to heal as the tendon and bone are involved. The pain was minimal in that area so that was good news. The second was hunted down as there was definite pain in a different area so knew something was being missed. She finally found a small crack on the 4th toe. She is to continue with the walking boot (non weight bearing) for 3 weeks and then we will get another x-ray. With any luck she can switch to a walking shoe at that time.

The concussion was better today overall. Still much missing, but at least she was staying in the present most of the day. She also got a long nap this afternoon and is still tired tonight so I'm glad she's getting rest.

Isaac was better today, but he still gets frustrated that Maegann doesn't know him. I was glad he had time with Patrick this afternoon and that they are going to see Secret Life of Pets tomorrow afternoon. He definitely needs the diversions right now.

Tim has been taking a ton of tests this month as his deductible is met. His sleep test did come back showing sleep apnea so he is working to get a mouthpiece made to help with that. His test showed he stops breathing for about 25 seconds about 15 times a night. Thankfully his oxygen level stays fine. He has not done as well this week energy-wise, but I think it is because of the additional stress due to Maegann's situation. He is now off work through the holiday weekend so that will be nice.

I was able to get my clients plans/needs caught up today so now I can let those go until next week. Everything is in others' hands so nothing to be done. Feels great! I also sent a note to be removed from the list so new families won't be calling me. "No room in the inn!"

The scale had moved down 2 lb. so things are turning around again. Great pre Christmas gift as it's been a struggle this Fall/Winter.

I only have two more Christmas gifts to arrive (can pick one of those up tomorrow) and then I'm done. Yeah!

Tomorrow.... laundry, pick up the gift, and go to the library to pick up holds.
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