Starting Week 4! - Core de Force, day 22

Monday, December 19, 2016

Today's 63 minute total workout consisted of MMA Plyo and Core Kinetics. Plyo is explosive kick and punch combos with cardio spikes in between. Core Kinetics is floor work alternating between plank work and crunch type work. I like them both, very much!

Today began Week 4. After this morning I have 8 more days in the program. I am thinking I'll take a week "off" (meaning no rigid schedule, but still working out every day), and start another round of Core de Force.

My weight has stayed steady after coming back up from that dip the first week. My pants fit more loosely. I'm stronger and my endurance is better in strength moves. My technique and form are better, too. My arms are a bit more defined and the right shoulder (the one I had surgery on) muscles look a little more like the ones on the left, which was one of my goals.

And I'm getting that T-shirt! (Complete the 30 day program, send in before & after pics and measurements, and you get the shirt. You can't purchase it.)

Note: Core de Force is a BeachBody program. If you have questions, I know an independent BB coach who can answer questions, give you guidance, and help you order what you need. (She is NOT into the hard sell, just wants to help others succeed.) Holler and I'll hook you up with her.
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