Checking in a year after gastric bypass

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hi all, figured I would do a short update. Its just over a year since I had my Gastric Bypass surgery and I am doing great. My weight has remained in the 170 range for the past five or so months which is fine by me. Perhaps I will try to get down to the 150 but I am still working out all the kinks in having a smaller stomach. I still have issues with eating food and at the same time having more than a few small sips of fluids. I find that more than a few sips causes almost instant cramping, nausea and sweating so I am still careful about that, although at times I can misjudge how much a few sips is. Also keeping the portions small can be a challenge when faced with an assortment of foods, even with taking only a small bit of each one. Again, its learning when to stop before my body tells me to. Of course after half a lifetime spent overeating and overweight has left my tummy muscles pretty loose, but exercise is helping a bit there. I may never lose the tummy pouch that comes from rapid weight loss and child bearing, but I am ok with that as I know how far I have come from my highest weight of 265lbs. Almost 100 pounds lighter, and much healthier. Ohh, one other issue has cropped up, my tailbone has started hurting again, since losing my fat padding on my tush. I had broken my tailbone way back in grade 7, and it bothered me when sitting for a long time but as the weight crept up it stopped hurting except when sitting in one position for a really long time. Now though it hurts even when trying to sit at a 45% angle in bed on my pillow top mattress. Hopefully I will have a coccyx cushion in a few weeks to help with that.

On the plus side, my knees are no longer hurting all the time, and I can now do a flight of stairs with minimal discomfort so long as I am not carrying anything more than my purse. The cane is gathering dust still... woooo hoooo! Medication wise, I am taking all my vitamins, which I will have to do for life, and half of a water pill to keep my blood pressure down where they want me to be. If I were not diabetic my BP would be fine. My blood sugars have stayed within the normal range, in fact the only issues I have there are if I don't eat enough or am really stressed they can plummet into the 4.3 range. That has me feeling dizzy and my hands start shaking, so I now carry sugar packets with me all the time to bring them back up into the 5.4 range where they normally sit.

I fit into a size 15/16 jean, and they are not tight on me. Its nice to know that I can go into any store and a ladies large will fit me. I may be old, but I do not feel old and I do not plan on dressing old either. I can sit on a bus and not overflow into the next seat, sometimes I still have to realize that when looking for a seat on one. My old spring/fall jacket is so large on me but I was not going to buy a new one until I was sure my weight was down to stay... fortunately my winter jacket is not so bad and it will get me through this winter just fine. Some of the clothing that I had that was given to me by a friend I never got to wear, because one month it was too tight and the next time I tried it I swam in it... lol.

So, all in all its been a great experience for the most part, and while I do have a few issues with eating, I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it. The most important thing I think is to really follow the diet restrictions they give you after surgery, so your tummy stays nice and small. Get in your water every day, that really is a key point, it helps you to stay healthy. I know if I have a bad water day I get a headache from it. Also, walking, lots of walking helps with getting those pounds off. So, keep on Sparking away all, I know SparkPeople is here for me if the pounds should start creeping back on.

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    Keep at it, a few more years and you'll be in the clear
    1409 days ago
    Congratulations on your recovery and improved health! Also, I love your picture with your cat :)
    1409 days ago
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