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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Found out Dec 1 Baby #2 is another boy. Healthy so far, as far as we know. He was laying funny and the couldn't get a good look at all parts of his heart and part of his face, so we're having another U/S Dec 29. Neat to see...but I hear the ka-ching! of prenatal bills racking up. And health insurance woes... Gotta switch at the beginning of the new year. In the middle of pre-natal bill fun. Yeah. Yay.

Boss & coworker went out of town for most of Nov so I was doing a lot of covering and now I'm behind. I'll feel better when I get caught up on my work stuff.

The part time college teaching gig I took on ended last week. 1/2 of what I made has unfortunately been spent on TWO car insurance deductibles...I hit TWO deer in 23 days. So much for paying the prenatal bill as I hoped.

My weekends have been booked prepping for class for the last 8wks or so, instead of my normal weekly housecleaning catch up. Seriously behind. Seriously overwhelmed by the level of clutter and yuck.

So...behind and overwhelmed on work, housework, and finances. And any kind of holiday prep/shopping. Sigh.

Okay...now that the venting is done...

Pregnancy weight update. My weight fluctuates a lot between ~248-255. My highest ever weight was 259.4 Jan 3 this year. On 8/7/16, the week before I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 255.4. Then it dropped. Last week it went up to 257.4. Today at 21wks 4days was 255.8. Overall goal for this pregnancy is 15lbs. I gained 40 with my last one, but I started out at ~195lbs. I keep telling myself weight gain is okay during this time, but I need to keep it reasonable/low to keep this pregnancy healthy. Gaining 40lbs and being near 300lbs wouldn't be good for me or Baby.

Daily Goals for the rest of the month...
-Re-started logging food today to be more aware.
-Water logging. I'm bad about not drinking enough, and it's even easier to fall short with the increased need to pee. All the time. Like skipping water in the morning because I don't want to have to stop & pee during my commute. Sigh.
-Daily 15min sanity declutter/cleaning...I've fallen waaaay behind and it's seriously overwhelming

Goals for this week are also to
1) clean out the living room corner for the little tree (I can't handle the big tree fiasco this year)
2) dig out the little tree & trimmings and put the kiddo to work on it
3) unbury my elliptical (aka extra clothes rack) to start adding daily fitness minutes there...I hate that thing, but it just makes sense

1/3/16: 259.4
8/7/16: 255.4
9/6/16: 251.4 (1st prenatal appt)
9/14/16: 250.6 (8wks 5 days preg, prenatal appt)
10/27/16: 249.8 (14wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt)
12/1/16: 256.4 (19wks, 6 days preg, prenatal appt, u/s)
12/8/16: 257.4 (20wks 6 days preg)
12/13/16: 255.8 (21wks 4 days preg)
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