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Buyer's Remorse

Saturday, December 10, 2016

We bought a car today. I don't feel very good about it. I am actually really upset, because I just feel like it's not that great of a car. I went to go test drive a Prius, but I didn't like it that much. The display reminded me too much of my parents' 1994 Lincoln Town Car when I was a kid. Then the man said he had a 2014 Chevy Malibu. My best friend had a Chevy Malibu in college, so I thought it would be fine to test drive it. With a baseline from the Prius, I liked the Malibu more, but I didn't LOVE it. With winter fast approaching and the two one-mile walks each way on my commute, I felt like I really needed to get one today. As I drove it off the lot, I just felt...not excited, you know? I imagined today would be a very exciting day. I wanted to fly to Texas for my friend's Christmas party, and then comforted myself that I wasn't going because I was getting a new car, and I just feel disappointment. I could have gone to a party.

My husband says I'll get used to it, and I'm sure he's right. He also says I can trade it in for something else when it's paid off, which it will be in a year, but I don't want to go through this again. I can go back and get a credit for another car in three days, so I said I want to go back tomorrow and get a 2016 Cruze instead (I mean, I'm stuck with a GM car now), and he said if I'm looking for a car to replace the Honda we have, I don't have to do that, because I already have one. But I feel like the Honda is "his" car, and I'm stuck with this stupid other one.

Today just sucked in general. I've been wanting a hot chocolate for a few days, so we planned to get one after we looked at the Prius. We were going to go to Le Madeleine, and we had to park at a ridiculous shopping mall. The traffic getting into the parking garage was terrible, I was hangry, and I needed to be home for my second shift at my part time job in less than an hour. Then, we couldn't find the Le Madeleine. I wound up ducking into the mall and ordering a hot chocolate from Le Pain Quotidien, and it was disgusting. So much disappointment in a day! Then, I got lost on my way home. Then, I got home two minutes after I usually turn on the computer and it had to update. And then I had to try over a dozen times to get into the portal. It kept telling me the connection was reset, and the Tech Support people were incredibly useless. And I was still so hangry.

My husband is upset with me for being upset. And I think maybe I should just go to bed. I thought typing this out would make me feel better, but I just feel sorry for myself and annoyed at myself for being so pathetic.
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    A car is a big purchase. I would take it back too!

    Not to give out too much advice, but you might want to carry snacks in your purse. That way you don't feel unhappy from going too long without anything to eat. Sometimes just having some sugar-free gum can help, because chewing can be a soothing thing. But when you need to eat, though, having a Larabar or something like that might be good.
    1157 days ago
    1161 days ago
    I get it about the car. In 1998 I bought a car that I didn't like, thinking that it would "Grown on me" but I NEVER liked that car and always wished I'd taken it back.
    1162 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    i would take the car back and get one you are more comfortable to have!!
    we are here for you vent away..........

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1162 days ago
    Oh and I recently bought Trader Joe's hot chocolate mix and really like it! Only 110 calories a mug!
    1162 days ago
    Try a few things that might help to make you feel better. Do some crafting, something creative. Or write a list of things that went well for you in the past year. Or redo your sparkpage in pretty colors. Just try for a shift in mood.
    hang in there...!
    1162 days ago
    I hate frustrating days like that. I am now remembering one when I was in London, I was such a grump and I let everything bother me! Making a big purchase and not being happy about it is a big deal! Hopefully you can sort it out. Good luck!
    1162 days ago
    The good news is that you were able to vent and get support here. I usually have a moment of pure panic when I make a big purchase too. It can be so stressful. emoticon
    1163 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    The car thing happened to me once - I felt pressured into getting a car I didn't really love, pressure from DH and the salesman...I drove it for a month, all the while searching for something better, which I finally found. Traded in the one I didn't love and haven't looked back, and now I have to keep telling DH that no, I do not want a newer version, I love my 2011 Outback and until it dies, I'm not upgrading!
    1163 days ago
    So sorry for the bad day! emoticon
    1163 days ago
    Glad you got your toughts and feelings out there. If you're still not feeling good about it in the morning, do consider taking it back. I thought they had to refund your money, if the car is returned within 3 days. But, maybe that's a California thing.

    Hope you wake feeling better. It sounds like a frustrating day. emoticon
    1163 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Sorry car shopping wasn't an awesome experience for you. Take the car back & find one that makes you happy since you will be driving it. Hope tomorrow is better! emoticon
    1163 days ago
    You are not being pathetic. Choosing the right car is a big deal. Sometimes the universe just lets dopey things go wrong all in a row. It won't last-tomorrow will be better. Soon you'll be sipping a hot chocolate in the car you really want.
    1163 days ago
    What a bummer of a day! I hate buyer's remorse! It's a very bad feeling. But it does go away with time.

    Of course I know what a Prius looks like because it seems like at least a third of the cars on the road in Japan are Prius (and that makes for a boring landscape, though apparently a better environment), but I wasn't familiar with the American cars you mentioned, so I looked them up. They both look very nice, but you know, I sort of liked the lines of the Cruze better, if you'll let me put my two cents' worth in here. What a cute shape! It would definitely suit a young person like you! I wish I could have seen what colors they offer. I could only see it in navy blue, but I liked it. I liked the Malibu, too, though. It's sleek and stylish. Whichever you get, I'm sure it'll work out well. And that's my unsolicited opinion about your car situation.

    And man--don't you hate computer problems? I'm assuming you had to do some Skyping, and it must have been hard to do an attitude adjustment in time to smile for the camera! But you know what, whenever I arrive at my class in not-too-good-a-mood, my feelings change instantly when I see the faces of my students. I love them, and I forget all my problems.

    As for hot chocolate--again, I know that feeling. To be looking forward to something you know is really good, to settle for something less, and then to find the substitute is even lesser than you had thought it would be--UGH!

    I sure hope your Sunday is better than your Saturday was!
    1163 days ago
    What a rough day! I've been having some "buyers remorse" myself. We all have days like these. Men are much better at compartmentalizing than women are, and can have difficulty understanding why our upsets linger. Sometimes a good long sleep is the best therapy. emoticon
    1163 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    You should be happy, take the car back. I would
    1163 days ago
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