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just sayin' ... my son chose wisely

Friday, December 09, 2016

My dear daughter-in-law is sooooooo smart. We were talking this morning about our ever changing plans for this weekend due to hubby and I being walking advertisements for NyQuil. This is our last weekend to be with them before we leave for St Louis to be with DD and family for the holidays.

She was more than upset with Walmart for not delivering her Black Friday order. The order was approved, charged to their credit card, and started the delivery process. When she received some of the order at her home but not all of it she contacted Walmart. They told her the package was at her neighborhood US post office and she would have to go get it. So she trudged out in the snow and ice with two little ones only to be told there that at some point the last package was turned away due to the packaging being very, very damaged. So back home in the snow and ice with two little ones she contacted Walmart again who will not honor the order for the Black Friday prices stating the items were on back order. Hmmm ... the box contained all the g-kids presents but also contained regular priced items such as Pace Picante sauce which is available on line. In fact every item missing is available on line but of course at the higher prices. So the customer service person told her ... oh, then go ahead and reorder them or you can always go into the store and purchase them.

DIL told her since she would have to purchase them again on line or in person at the higher price ... she would be doing so NOT at Walmart. If they were not interested in fixing their faux pas ... she was not interested in them. WooHoo DIL.

We went on to talk about our meal for tomorrow ... which originally was going to be like a Thanksgiving/Christmas combination since we won't see them for either holiday. I told DIL that it might be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since hubby and I have been so sick and I was still battling with 15ish pounds regained.

She said ... it's not the food that makes it the holidays, it's being with loved ones!!!!

Why don't you stop "dieting" and eat when you are hungry AND stop when you are full???

AND you are thinner this year at the holidays than you were last year!!!!

My son chose wisely!!!!!!
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