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Weight & How We Wrap Our Head Around It

Monday, December 05, 2016

More about my astonishing feat of having gone this past year with only a 2# weight gain:

I was flabbergasted as I have been very scale-averse this past year. At first I just didn't want to have "one more thing" to keep track of. I felt confident in my food choices, so who needs the scale, right?

But as the year progressed it began to feel like I was gaining weight as I could swear my clothes were feeling tighter. I have to admit to feeling like an ostrich around the scales that I wouldn't get on.

So I finally "get over it," hop on the scale and what a RELIEF it was to see I'd only picked up a couple pounds! It really is such a testimony to my food choices being so awesome for myself. Also a testimony on the vital importance of food being closer to 90% of the way to lose weight, with physical activity being the remaining 10%.

Weight, and how we wrap our head around it, is such a weird thing, isn't it?

But slacking on workouts has really cost me my fitness and I REALLY HATE not feeling up to snuff!

PLUS I figure it probably costs me INCHES and explains the tightness of clothes as my body has lost it's tone and likely has s-p-r-e-a-d.

So it's back in the saddle I go, slugging my way back to feeling fit and trim!

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    Go, slugger!
    682 days ago
    708 days ago
    Now I've got to figure out how to re-construct my bicycle and get a trainer so I can start regaining a touch of stamina.
    714 days ago
    Yes. I finally acquired a scale/balance again recently. I've lost enough weight this year it was making me anxious not to have one. Thank goodness I could be checking in post T-day, after carbs & SALT. I'm back to daily weighing.
    714 days ago
    Last Xmas I gained 5 lbs in 5 days because, carbs. I lost it by the end of January and then found it again plus 6 more by the end of September this year, but with many fluctuations over the course of the first 8 months of the year. The thing is I didn't bloody notice it much at all. My clothes felt tighter but I was surprised that I managed to still get my jeans zipped up. Anyway, I buckled down and over the past 2 months have managed to lose 9 lbs. Diet is def "the" thing.
    Good for you for gaining only 2 lbs and getting back into training. There's a certain satisfaction in having a handle on things!
    715 days ago
    Congratulations on maintaining the healthy eating habits. I hear you about the exercise. With the cold weather I've slacked off walking. I start a cardiac rehab program tomorrow and look forward to that.

    Here's to getting back in the saddle and reining in the spread. Keep up the great weight control!

    715 days ago
    Get back in the saddle ... exercise plays an important part in our health.
    715 days ago
    What you say is indeed the T-R-U-T-H! Exercise is important for health and wellbeing, but weight is iimpacted by food intake!
    715 days ago
    Excellent observations, Don! I SO AGREE with you regarding the relative importance of nutrition (food choices) versus exercise. I, too, have learned over the last 90+ weeks since the pelvic injury emerged that food choices carry far more impact than activity. And, like you, because of the lack of activity, my fitness has taken a hit. I'll regain it as the pelvis becomes able to tolerate the saddle.

    I've been tempted to ignore both the scale and nutrition tracking as an experiment. My fear? That I'll lose too much weight. My body seems far too willing to shed pounds and I find myself feeling like I'm forcing myself to eat more than I'd naturally eat, if the food choices were left to intuition. There are times I have food remaining on my plate and feel satisfied; but, force myself to eat it because I feel a need for the calories that have already been pre-planned, pre-tracked and pre-measured. So, I eat them.

    I'm also still addressing food intolerances and inflammatory issues related to food. So, it feels prudent to continue tracking. Without the tracking there's no way that I can remember how much I've eaten and when. Absolutely, no way. So, I continue to track. That intuitive experiment may come at some point. But, not now.
    715 days ago
    Daily weigh-er here, like some of the other commenters... this way I can track the trends, and am never surprised (sometimes panicked, but never surprised!)

    Welcome back! Spark on!
    715 days ago
  • GABY1948
    AWESOME read for sure! And thanks for sharing this!
    715 days ago
    Oh yeah, It's about the food! Can't tell much from my clothes. Who knew they had so much stretch in them. By the time I notice tightness, I can be in double digit gain. My scale is my friend. So I visit her every morning, right along with Spark.
    715 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I have proven it as well that diet is everything as I have not regained even when laid off exercise. But exercise is critical for well being as several health risks go down when you do. Sitting is indeed the new smoking.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Go get 'em tiger!
    715 days ago
    Absolutely for me the food tracking is most of the battle for weight MAINtenance.

    But yup: getting out there, maybe on my XC skis? I'm looking forward to that too, as soon as possible!
    716 days ago
    Yup, the clothes will tell the tale of the spread! Glad your back in the saddle (literally!) again.
    716 days ago
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