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Friday, December 02, 2016

Everyday is a conscious fight to stay healthy and true to myself. I have family and friends who try to support me, sometimes in the wrong ways but I know their heart is in the right place. But ultimately it is my decision what I allow to pass my lips. I know from past experience that it will pay off. And I'm seeing a glimmer of it now, down 1 pound this week - 202 lbs, so close to Onederland!!

I've been working really hard to lower and honestly remove the Rockstars from my routine. It's been hard, when I'm feeling so tired and knowing it is the only thing that will keep me going. Today though it took 4 hours to drink 1 can (rather than the 20 mins or less), and the "I love this and need it" feeling wasn't there. It was nice to drink, something other than water, but I didn't actually enjoy it. It feels so good to be able to see and feel this way. I had already cut out alot of my sugar intake when I was diagnose with diabetes (I was a pop junkie), but the Rockstars were my pop replacement and have been a crutch that I think I'm finally able to throw away.
For the first time in a long time I feel healthy and able to function during the day without feeling like I need a nap or just to crash and veg out on the couch. My mind feels clearer, more focused and I really feel like I'm "in the moment" not just a by-stander looking on.

The last 2 weeks have been going pretty easy for the most part. I didn't think going mostly plant based was going to work so smoothly in this house but I've been surprised. My daughter I knew wouldn't have any problems as she already only eats poultry and fish. My hubby and son on the other hand think meat should be in every dinner meal. But they've not complained once and son has even asked me to make a few of the recipes again.

I'm not missing meat as much as I thought I would. And when I make something with meat in it, I try to eat little of that part and eat more of the sides. I've also noticed I'm not eating as much. Yeah there are days where I feel hungry an hour later, notes I add on those recipes say to include more rice/quinoa/etc., things that will be more filling. I have a selection of nuts in the house - almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. These are my go to snacks. They give me the crunch factor I look for in chips. A small handful is all I take at a time, I wait 15-20 mins after eating them and if still craving, get a little more. Most times, I don't need to go back. It's these small changes that really helped get me through not having cookies, chips and chocolate at the ready.

The weather over the last few days has been dismal. Mostly rain with a little wet snow that goes away as soon as it hits the ground. Really hasn't made me want to get out and move. Instead I've spent time rummaging the pages of the internet looking for new recipes and ideas for meals as well as hanging out at the local library checking out what books they have.
This brought me to another look at how I cook/prep things. Yesterday while I was out grocery shopping I bought a pressure/slow/rice cooker. Basically it can do multiple things for me. I've been researching and learning about canning, different ways to cook lentils/rice and really another slow cooker will come in handy.
I also discovered this handy little tool:

I found it at Walmart for less than $5. It really made stripping the kale faster than tearing it off by hand. But it can also do thyme and other herbs/leafy veggies.

It looks like the rain has stopped finally. Think I will go for that walk I've been wanting to do.

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    It sounds like you are doing great. I've been on mostly plant based diet since the summer. I'm still getting the hang of finding recipes that are well rounded that I enjoy. I'm not big on cooking; I'm all about easy and convenient lol.
    870 days ago
    Good for you! My challanges are coping better when my old go to for stress was ice cream!
    870 days ago
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