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Broken Eggs

Friday, December 02, 2016

Here is a copy of a blog that I just wrote.

During this journey I know you all have my back, and that is wonderful. But I found that I needed a little more of a Hands-On approach. I've joined Weight Watchers for a little bit more accountability and having direct one on one contact. It also forces me to weigh in once and only once a week. If you know me and my disdain for the scale, you know this is a point of contention with me.

Last night the leader at my WW meeting compared making a mistake to dropping an egg on the kitchen floor. For the moment, it is gross, messy, frustrating and difficult to clean.

What you don't do, is stand there and keep dropping the rest of the eggs on the floor on purpose because you dropped one.

I know I've done this. I have a "bad day" of eating. And then do it again the next day, and the next. Get pizza planning to eat it over the next three or four days and then eat it in two. Get a pint of ice cream thinking you can portion it out over a week, and then my spoon hits the bottom of the container in one sitting. One day rolls into the next and then the one after. A few weeks and months go by. Next think you know... back to shopping in the "women's section". WTF!!

I need to stop proverbially throwing my eggs on the floor.

Stop compounding my mistakes into trends. Stop using the pain I'm feeling as an excuse to not work out. I feel better when I move. Why not move more? Stop using traveling as an excuse. It's just as easy to pack a bag of carrot sticks as a Snickers bar.

So now I'm on to small steps. My first goal is to make it to January 2nd and NOT gain any weight. Too many people use this time of the year to eat, drink and be merry. I'm just going for eat (healthier), drink (more water) and be moving (and stretching and lifting).

If you are going to have a problem when you bring cakes and cookies to work and I bring veggies to eat. That is your problem. If you are offended that I don't eat your beautiful baked goods, I can't be responsible for your feelings. Know that it is not about YOU. It is about ME. I am trying to get healthy. I'm not going to use the holidays for an excuse to gain even more weight and lose what strides I have made. If you try to stuff food down my throat, I will defend myself. Understand that "Thank you, but no." means I am done.

This year, for the first time in much of my life, I was able to have a successful "don't stuff myself like a Thanksgiving turkey" meal. I ate one plate. Only ate food I loved. Didn't put the "grandma made this special so you have to eat it even if you don't like it" food on the plate. Skipped the roll (can get a roll any day!). I even left some on the plate once I was satiated. I didn't need a nap after the meal. I didn't starve myself. I even had a small piece of dessert. And it was good!

I weighed in last night and lost a pound since before Thanksgiving. I was one of four people who had lost weight at our meeting, out of the fifteen or so people there. Every one of those who gained said they kept the T-Day eating spree going all weekend. Stopped logging their food for one day and had difficulty getting going again. They just kept throwing their eggs...

Eat food, log food. Work out, log work out. Limit TV time. Clean and organize house. I'm not sure how long I'll stick with WW. I signed up for 3 months. That might be all I need to get back on track. I may stick it out for longer. I may become a life timer... who knows where it will lead me. I'm just trying to get my train back on track!

So here I am. Putting in the work.

I'm going to do my best to keep the rest of my eggs in the container!
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