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Thursday, December 01, 2016

On my team, Living Low Carb (Atkins and other Plans), they are starting up an new challenge for the month of December. I'm just tired of my giving-in to the littlest, sickeningly sweet treats, like french cream horns or ice cream or .... just fill in the blank.. It's making me sick, literally, as I'm pre-diabetic and have had pancreatitis. So I'm joining in this challenge which is tailored to each ones' own goals and action plans. Our word for this month is ENDURANCE. I took the words that our leader gave us to pick from and chose all of them. Here's what I came up with:

ENDURANCE!!! To Endure, you first have to start and then to endure whatever comes your way to sabotage your efforts. My Words for doing this are as follows.

Stamina. ~~The power to stick with my plan no matter what.

Staying power. ~~To hang in there when the going gets tough.

Fortitude. ~~The mental and emotional strength in facing the difficulty of eating differently than my family.

Perseverance. ~~A steady persistence in my course of action in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.

Persistence. ~~To continue steadfastly and firmly in my purpose and course of action (my goals).

Tenacity. ~~Is the quality of holding fast or retaining something and in my case, my diet and goals.

Doggedness. ~~A dogged determination to continue on even if it becomes difficult or dangerous. (Well, in my case, if I'm NOT doggedly determined, it will be very dangerous for my the long run).

Grit. ~~I've always considered this a southern term...but it means to have an indomitable spirit, pluck. To have the determination and courage to continue doing something even though it is very difficult.

Indefatigability. ~~Oh wow, is this a biggy! Incapable of being tired out, not yielding to fatigue, untiring...that's a mouthful, especially for me...

Resolution. ~~A determination to do something or to not do something (like, not cheating).

Determination. ~~Coming to a decision or settlement and will not let anything stop you.

Now that's a list. I copied this down and stuck it on my mirror in my bathroom and bedroom, so that every-time I have to look at my "mug", I'll see this list! Lets see how good I am at making a determined look! emoticon

This is for my dear husband, for my precious kids...all eight of them...for my grandkids...all seven of them and also for me and my health! I need to do this and succeed and continue...for life! I'm counting on all of you helping me stick to this!!!

Next Blog will be my goals and action plan for December.
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