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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A series of unfortunate events kicked off an evening that left me screaming Edvard Munch-style in my car today.

1. Stayed at work too long, creating a panic with my daughter who needed a ride to dance.
2. Got a Kohl's bill for $80...even though I just overpaid a bill with a $100 gift card and should have had a negative balance...
3. While panicking on the phone with poor Moby who was clearly overseas, I get a similarly panicked text from my daughter: I forgot my jazz uniform! Can you bring it stat?!
4. Hung up on poor Moby, who was quite sure that I made no $100 payment -- no record of it, sorry -- to search daughter's closet for jazz uniform. Find it.
5. Drove to dance while screaming favorite obscenities from the stress of a non-existent payment. (This is actually quite therapeutic.)
6. Got home, shaking with adrenaline, and considered mad-bingeing on all sorts of demonic foods like Chips Ahoy cookies, peanut butter from the jar, and potato chips.

Then I got ahold of myself. Breathe. Breathe.

Your daughter got her jazz uniform before she needed it.
You paid $100 on your husband's Kohl's card, not yours.
You can have three Chips Ahoy cookies and then suck it up.


It worked. I'm okay. (And those three cookies were amaze-balls!)

So I've tracked my day, I've got 400 calories left to consume, and I'm going to do yoga for my workout. Lord knows I need it!!
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