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Well I took a wrong turn in improvement

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving was a pretty good day. My poor son played very hard. It was 80 degrees. He hit his head and had a small egg or knot but kept playing. All of a sudden he fell again and would not get up. My mom lifted him and brought him to me. He was soaked in sweat. I held him for a while and he told me he wanted to go home and then he fell asleep. He slept for about an hour. He woke up and seemed fine until later. After we got home he was watching his daddy's ipad when he began to complain of a headache. My husband evaluated him and determined he was dehydrated so we ran to the store to get him some gatorade. He began vomiting before we returned. We got home and began feeding my son Joey some gatorade and he began to improve. He eventually became hungry again. He ate some. He then threw up a bit more and went to the bathroom but no diarrhea. It was strange but by the next day he was fine again.

Now me. I'm not doing so great. My anxiety is through the roof. I went with my husband to a mall out of town. We went alone together. I ate a lot of food that I should not have eaten. I figured no biggie. I was getting better. We walked a lot. I had diarrhea. I've had diarrhea very often over the last two years. I haven't thought much of it. What is worse for me is when I eat foods that don't agree with me, it causes heart palpitations. I've told doctors about it but they think I'm crazy. LOL. Anyway we got home. I was a bit nauseated after the Italian and Fast Food follow up but I didn't think anything of it. I went to bed tired.

Then I wake up at three. I sit up and my heart takes off. Its done this before after a bad meal but it typically goes down. This time it didn't. My heart would palpitate and it felt like it was driving the rate up. I had my mother call an ambulance after trying ice cold water. I was downing water like nobody's business while trying to burp. I kept belching in fact but it did not help. The ambulance arrived and I went into the truck and they hooked me to a machine. They could not detect the irregularity that I could feel. I was shaking all over. The thought it was anxiety. We began to talk and they watched the monitor go down but it didn't feel different to me. I could feel it in my throat and I didn't feel better but they thought panic attack. I decided to go to the hospital with my mother because the rate went back up when they left. When I made it inside the ambulance and the hospital, my rate was in the 160's to 170's. Staff gathered around me. My blood pressure remained fine through this and although they seemed concerned, they told me I was going to be ok. They were prepping me for adenosine when I burped twice and it slowed down on its own.

I had no idea what the HECK that was. They thought afib which is what I thought. They figured SVT although none of the maneuvers worked and just when they were going to give me meds, it went down on its own. It had been beating like that for almost an hour.

After some test were run, the doctor told me that all he could find in the blood tests was low potassium which could result in what I had experienced. I was given two large pills with orange juice and some Ativan per request. My diagnoses was low potassium and anxiety.

I did a follow up with my doctor who said that my thyroid numbers were a bit off. He thinks I'm having hyperthyroid symptoms prior to going into hypo. I've never heard of this. I did have an ultrasound done on my thyroid and will be going back on my results next week. He did say it was slightly enlarged on one side. He didn't seem to concerned.

However my anxiety has been awful. I've had nothing but diarrhea since taking the medicine. I decided to take control and begin a strict sugar free regiment while I complete my medication for bacteria and yeast. I'm almost done with flagyl and I plan to have another stool test done next week to check for yeast.

I've been crying alot. I'm very scared over what happened to me. I went through something similar about 8 years ago. I ate something bad and woke up feeling like I couldn't breathe and then it took off but slowed down on its own after about five minutes.

My doctor gave me a beta blocker propanolol extended release but I don't want to take it unless I know for sure I need it for hyperthyroid. All this scare has made me realize I need to get this weight off and take care of my health. It just sucks going through something like that not knowing what's wrong with you. A close friend of mine who is an EMT says he's treated low potassium with similar situations like that in the past. And even if all that's over, I'm terrified and its taken over my thoughts. If anyone has any advice for me on dealing with anxiety, I'd really appreciate it.
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    It does sounds like Joey may have had a concussion.

    Trust you instincts. I feel that more is going on here than just low potassium and I think I can help you. It sounds like your big meals might have distended your stomach due to you eating a trigger food, caused gas, and irritated a nerve which could have contributed to your problem. I assume they ruled out that you have a hiatal hernia which can cause similar problems. Low potassium can cause most of these problems but it also has other symptoms - like muscle cramps, fatigue, numbness and tingling, thirst, nausea, etc. It doesn't cause diarrhea but is more often the result of it. Thyroid problems can definitely cause heart irregularities too but I feel there still is a G.I component because you have problems with that anyway. Most people when this happens are anxious and it really wasn't necessary for them to make a big deal out of that. People are anxious when their heart isn't beating right and their job should have been to reassure you. I have some similar problems if I eat the wrong foods, eat too much, eat too fast, or have a lot of diarrhea. So my advice would be to eat small means more often as opposed to 3 big meals a day. I have the most trouble with bread - which I am not supposed to eat. Be careful with foods that cause a lot of gas. You might try doing an elimination diet. That is how I found some of my diarrhea triggers. Also you need to eat more potassium rich foods. Hardly anyone gets in the daily requirement for potassium. Look them up online so you can see what ones you tolerate the best and like and eat a lot of them. You need to also try to do something like meditation and visualization. Take warm baths. Listen to soothing music. And try some aromatherapy. The best approach from now on is prevention. I have done pretty well with that lately.
    1279 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon, but I would take your son to the doctor too. Sounds like concussion symptoms!
    1279 days ago
    Sounds like your son had a concussion.
    1280 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Eat some bananas and take it easy. Glad they diagnosed early for you.
    1280 days ago
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