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Monday, November 28, 2016

I think that's my name over here. emoticon emoticon I'm trying not to make a bunch of comfort food. I'm frustrated and tired. I live with my inlaws. And they have very specific ideas on how the kids should be raised, which of course, vary from mine & my husbands. He's at work all day, so I'm stuck dealing with them. This time, I had the NERVE to let my 3 year old walk home in the rain so he could jump in the puddles. So naturally, he's got wet shoes, socks, and pants when he gets home. This, of course, is the end of the world. Cause he's WET. Oh the horror. (Note the sarcasm!)

They make their comments about how "I hope he doesn't get sick". "He walked home in the RAIN? But you brought the stroller and the cover! Now he's all WET!" and "His shoes won't dry! I don't know WHAT he'll wear to school tomorrow!" And now my MIL is giving me the silent treatment, and her sister isn't much better. *sighs* I hate living here.

I'm trying to not make a huge box of mac and cheese to eat in one sitting! I'm settling for a small slice of pizza.
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    I'm so sorry about your situation. Don't let the emotional distress sabotage your efforts to take care of yourself. That comfort food will keep the pounds on you, and will make you feel bad about yourself. I'll send you my awful emergency treat recipe. I keep these frozen for emergencies, both sweet and salty, to keep me from stopping by Mac'c Milk for a bag of potato chips and a tub of ice-cream.

    Wet kids are happy kids. Shoes dry. You can't get sick from being wet. A warm bath fixes everything. What is childhood without puddle jumping? I got you!

    I hope you will be able to move out before too long. It is really hard to coexist with in-laws. My mother-in-law used to visit us for six months at a time, so I know exactly how this must feel.

    Stay strong, my Dragon Sister!

    1049 days ago
    That's a tough living situation. We moms definitely have our own ideas of how things should be done, whether you're the MIL or the DIL. I hope you can find a way to remain independent and yet considerate of one another's boundaries and decisions. Puddle jumping doesn't sound so terrible!!
    emoticon emoticon
    1053 days ago
    Sorry about the inlaw difficulties. Puddle jumping is required for a 3 year old and it will not lead to sickness. I, in fact, still do it on occasion although it is a bit silly for someone in their 50s, but oh well. I have never been known to ever act the lady.
    1053 days ago
    Oh no, that was more like my Mom, but she was not that bad. I was blessed with a wonderful mother in law that never tried to tell me how to raise my kids.
    1053 days ago
    Jumping in puddles for kids is fine. My brothers and sister and I did it in the summer all the time and we never got sick.
    1053 days ago
    Boy you have a challenge to deal with.
    1053 days ago
    If its any consolation, I was allowed outside only for school when I was a child when I lived with my great grandmother and that was forced as I was required to go to school. I had to put down my foot and take a neighbor her mail. And that was because she also put her foot down and said she "needed help getting her mail", which was only partially true.
    1053 days ago
  • V29244
    Puddle jumping is fun. My kids did it and my grand kids do it. Let your child be a kid and have fun. Your his parent.
    1053 days ago
  • V29244
    Its ruff living with family. I wish you luck. If and when you can get your own place. If not learn to let it go in one ear and out the other. Also kill them with kindness. You could eat a health pizza .. Good luck. Honey. And happy holidays
    1053 days ago
    Don't give them the power to hurt you! Hopefully you will be able to move soon!
    1053 days ago
    Oh dear. I am so sorry you have to put up with that. When I was a kid, the street we lived on flooded a lot (not up to the house tho) and my sister & I would surf down the driveway on trash can lids. But the horror of jumping in puddles!!! *gasp* ;-)
    1053 days ago
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