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I Don't Know

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Don't read this if you don't want to. I am feeling very down lately. I am over-eating. I eat when I am upset. I put on my favorite go to black pants Saturday and they were tight! Today my go to shirt was tight. It seems like I say one thing and then do the exact opposite. Maybe I should try to gain weight, that seems to work well lately. I can't seem to stay on the path, every day I stray. I don't just stray, I go onto a different path and get lost. I don't feel I deserve to be a leader on any group right now. I am not active on my groups and I don't contribute anything. I certainly am not motivating anyone right now. How do you motivate while gaining weight? I am spinning my wheels. I am thinking of quitting. I am fat and I don't like myself much right now. I put on a good face for my family. I just don't know what to do any more.
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    Please don't quit! I'm with yo too, having the same problems.... I make a plan, do well for a day or 2 or even 3, then something in my schedule throws me off track and it's all downhill from there. We've both done this before and succeeded so we know it can be done. I'm up sizes in my clothes too and it's very depressing. I've just had to buy 2 new pair of pants and am a size....up 2 sizes from where is I was 16-18 months ago.... I'm am recommitted and I believe the only way I'm going to do this is to make small changes consistently and take one day at a time. It seems when I plan and think and focus too much on it, it becomes overwhelming and I give up and fail when one little thing doesn't go perfectly. This time I'm going to just try to focus on the little changes and try to make positive small changes and not plan everything out- that way may I won't see every mistake as an epic fail and permission to completely de-rail......
    Keep trying and pushing forward. I know it's hard but I also know we both can and will do this! emoticon emoticon
    847 days ago
    I'm right there with you. I lost a bunch of weight, gained it all back plus more. I've lost 10-15 lbs. of it a couple different times but have gained it all back. I see the cardiologist on Monday and wanted to be at least 10 lbs. down by then. I've been listening to a podcast by Cookie Rosenbloom that makes you think about a lot of things. I also got some test results back on Wed. and will have to see another dr. to figure out what's going on. This has me worried enough that I feel like I have to get this weight off right away. I keep thinking "I'll get around to it, then veer off plan every day (like you). These blood tests may be the push I need to get healthier now. You know what teaching is like. I give my heart and soul to it as well as most of my time. I need to get myself on the list for a change. You want to be around for those grandchildren, that much I know. Use them as your motivator. I have finally realized I may have to pay a coach or go to WW just to be accountable to someone. I've been trying to get this weight off for 5 yrs. and have done nothing so I have to figure out who I want to be accountable to. You can do this and I'm sure you know how. Start with one thing that will be easy to stick to and go from there. emoticon Sorry for writing a novel!
    848 days ago
    I think just take one good thing a day and work on that. Drink the 8 glasses of water. Walk around your block or yard or home. Start measuring maybe as a 2nd step. One day at a time. At least you caught yourself b4 the go to clothes didn't fit at all
    848 days ago
  • FUNNYFACE101002
    It's good to acknowledge your feelings. Sorry you're there but you can change it. look deep and see what's different now then when you were active & leading. You can do this. Believe in you. You're worth it. Take your own advice I bet it was good ðŸ
    848 days ago
  • ALBREDA1980
    Ivm so sorry. I have had years go by in this mindset. I know I can fall right back into it any day, but it hasn't happened in the month I've been using SP. Best wishes for getting yourself out of it. From Albreda.
    848 days ago
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