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Blogging Ain't Easy

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Last night and tonight, I've spent an inordinate amount of time blinking with the cursor on my computer screen, browsing Reddit for inspiration, staring into space, and trying to ignore the Spanish news programs my husband was watching, all trying to figure out what the heck I should write about, but finding these 5% Challenge points too easily-gained to not write something. Last night, I wrote about my hobby, writing letters, but probably not in a very persuasive sort of way, since I got exactly zero takers on my offer to send GORGEOUS AND INTERESTING letters to people!

It was a throwaway blog, truly. I forgot to tell you guys about how I originally committed to a letter a day for the first nine months. Then, my dog died, and I could barely commit to getting through the day most days, so then I decided I could write letters if I went to the gym Then, I decided that diet is more important than exercise, so I only write letters if I am under my calorie limits.

I wish I could say it helped me, but I don't suppose it has, looking back. I mean, occasionally, I think, "Man, I gotta write so-and-so back, it's been a month since I got her letter! I better make sure dinner is light tonight!" But clearly not enough to make a big difference, given I've lost little to no weight as of late, and given that my example is a letter unanswered for a month!

Today, I got to write, though there were plenty of opportunities to go astray. My coworker might not have been able to drive us home tonight, which meant I'd take the Metro, which meant I was free to leave the city at my leisure. Meanwhile, my other coworker is really disenchanted with our workplace. She left early today, and we made tentative plans to meet up after work if I didn't have a ride so we could commiserate about how absurd the goings-on in the office are. I did wind up with a ride, but her suffering along with other nonsense was really affecting me today, so I figured I could go home and have a beer just as easily.

But it's Sob-vember, you say! It is, I know! But if you live in the US and made it through the last month without drinking, you have more depending on being alcohol-free than a cutesy name. And that's the truth.

I could have fit a beer in, because my lunch was really small, but I would have had to measure everything I had planned for dinner very painstakingly and cut about 50 calories from a meal I eat almost every day. No, thank you.

I didn't actually want a beer, anyway, partially because of Sob-vember, but more importantly, I was imagining what I'd feel like after it, and it wasn't good. I was feeling a little off in the car, and even just one drink, I could tell I'd feel even worse. Instead, I went to the kitchen and indulged in my true vice: Diet Doctor Pepper.

My husband called on his way home, asking what was for dinner. I gave him the standard answer (what I eat almost every day), and he said, "That's boring. What about Chick-Fil-A? Pizza?"

I said, "Why do you want to eat things that are going to keep us fat?"

He did not have a good answer, so he came straight home. Success!

Now, I'm still trying to figure out what I should write about, even though I appear to have already written a bunch. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have an easier time with the inspiration.
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    I wanted a drink on Thanksgiving, but I didn't, because I didn't want the empty calories. Maybe after I've lost some weight, I'll drink more often. Right now, I just feel like it won't help me. I'm glad you resisted the temptation and had a diet pop instead. Good choice! Especially when you're sad, drinking doesn't really help. You know, because it's depressant, it can make your feelings worse.

    I'm really sorry about your dog dying. I know it's been awhile, but it still affects us after a long time. And I wasn't around to say anything earlier, because we weren't friends yet. But animals and people form a really deep bond, they're very important in our lives.

    Maybe you could eat out with your husband sometimes if you use portion control. It sounds like you might want to try out some new recipes or something. Here, at my house, my mom does the cooking at night, so I'm one to talk. So what do you usually eat, because you didn't say? Maybe that could be a blog, you know, talking about what you like to eat, and giving a recipe or recipes for the dinner.
    1185 days ago
    I really like your blogs, BETLETOT, even if you say you're uninspired. Simple everyday life can be very interesting to me. I love getting glimpses into other people's lives. Maybe I've mentioned this before, but when I was a child and we would be driving home from somewhere at night, I used to love seeing lit-up windows in the houses along the highway. "What are they doing in there?" I wondered. I wanted to see further. Was there happiness, love, boredom, tedium, drunkenness, excitement, despair, anger, or hope inside those houses? So when I read about someone's life, I'm almost always fascinated, especially if the storyteller is a skillful writer, like you!
    1195 days ago
    I liked your blog. Good job on your food choices too!
    1196 days ago
    The lessons/habits learned on Spark work there way into our subconscious and can pop up at just the right time to help us make good decisions. You made great food and drink decisions for yourself last night - be proud of sticking to your plan! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1196 days ago
    Blogs don't always have to be earthshaking and profound. Sometimes they are just how we connect with others. They can be like a casual conversation: what you did today, what you thought today. Kind of like a week's menu, most of it is going to be the staples, the usual. Like the one meal you might splurge on, or the very special dessert you plan for an occasion, the mind-changing, spirit-moving, remarkable blogs are few and far between.
    I agree with White-1602: If you love writing letters, don't limit that activity to when you are "good" on your calories. Communicating with others, putting your thoughts to paper are both very healthy things to do in their own right. Save the activities that may just be very personally rewarding but don't actually have any health impact for your "carrots" to motivate your behaviors.
    Also remember that everyone doesn't read every blog every day. Sometimes they don't get "discovered" for quite a while.
    Wonderful victory keeping DH from bringing home fattening fast food or pizza! You should be very proud of that one!
    emoticon emoticon
    1196 days ago
    I only blog when I have something to say. But I understand, challenge points need to be earned! ;-)
    1196 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    I would love one of your letters, but then I would feel guilty if I was not able to respond in kind right DH also has me so paranoid about using a computer and giving out any personal info, such as my home address, that even when I trust someone, it is very difficult to do. I won't even put my email address out there if I can help it - and I have very few phone apps, again - he is paranoid about hackers and such.

    Perhaps you could send letters to the troops? I know at work we fill out Christmas cards which get sent to random service men and women far from home to help brighten their day. It is optional whether we give our personal info in them. Or there may be pan pal registries or clubs for people with shared interests?
    1196 days ago
    Your blogs are so nice to read for me that I did not realize you find it hard to do! You write very well and in a style that made me think, for a long time, that you are British, not American.

    That you got no takers on your generous offer need not mean your blog wasn't persuasive enough. There can be many different reasons for that. Such as emailing has replaced writing... that people worry that they don't have the time to write you back... or many other reasons.

    If you love to write and send these letters why not stop connecting that pleasure to doing well with food or exercise? And find another 'reward' for those accomplishments?

    1196 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Thank you for blogging.
    1196 days ago
    I loved your blog - totally random thoughts put down on paper! That's exactly what a blog should be.

    I, too, have a husband who likes Pizza, Taco Bell, McDonald's, and a lot of other things that aren't the best. I have decided to stop fighting him. Friday night is Pizza night and I just don't eat very much - which means he has a lot of left overs to eat. Once a month I'll indulge in Taco Bell, which is a lot better than the once a week that we used to do. It's working.....
    1196 days ago
    I really hate to blog as well
    1196 days ago
    My husband likes to write too, but between his job, the kids, bills and life... It's hard to find inspiration! You kept me reading to the end- which is better than some blog posts! Can't wait to be inspired by u tomorrow!
    1196 days ago
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