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Saving a Hummingbird

Thursday, November 17, 2016

In 2014, our first year back in the NW, it got so cold (in the 20's) we found a hummingbird trying to get warm from our porch light. My husband ran a string up by the light and she roosted up there for warmth. We didn't know the dang light was on a timer. About 3 am in the morning he ck'd on her. Frozen stiff, and her feet were stuck to the string. He carefully unstuck her feet, and brought her in and put her on a fake plant. He thought there was the slightest movement. The next morning she was up and flying. We had a feeder so we set it up. After about an hour, she landed on the fake plant and later looked dead. Barely breathing. Knew she'd be totally dead in morning. She wasn't. This went on for 3 days, wake up fly around, eat then sleep 23 hours a day. On the fourth day the weather warmed and we let her go. Saw one yesterday buzz the window. We just want it to be her. We had named her Whisper. It was a great and fun experience. My birds thought she was a bug. We had the feeder near where they eat breakfast on our bar at first, and she'd buzz them to warn them to stay away from her food ha. We moved the feeder. They didn't miss her.
Side note. She was an Anna's hummingbird. For some reason they stay for the winter. It was the closest and longest time I was able to observe those marvelous birds. I think my husband took some pictures and they are on his computer. If they are still there, I will try to post a picture or two tomorrow.
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